Friday, July 15, 2005


Really, really enjoying the new Lawrence record, The Night Will Last Forever.

Also feeling the Deadbeat Preliminary Findings EP, with reworkings from New World Observer. Mike Shannon's remix of Texas Tea is where its at.

Hmm, what else? Not sure what to think about the new Matthew Herbert. Guy's a production genius, but I'm all too aware of the ills of the world, and consider music to be somewhat of a refuge. Listening to this album made me feel terribly uncomfortable.

The new LP, Plat Du Jour, has names of tracks like "The Truncated Life Of A Modern Industrialised Chicken," "The Final Meal of Stacey Lawton," and "An Empire of Coffee." Guess where the sample source for all of the tracks comes from? More on the album here, if you're interested. Its worth an objective listen for yourself due to the concept and conviction involved, and there's some thought provoking reading on his site.

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Ren said...

Not sure if you missed the memo, but the new way to spell "potatos" is "potatoes". Actually, it's not even so new- very circa 1992.