Monday, December 15, 2003

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15 dec 2003

Released on Kompakt, Pop Ambient 2004 is the latest annual installment in a series of the most emotive and ethereal ambient music being produced today. For a genre that can sound flat, Eno-derivative, and unoriginal in its lesser moments, this series shines by showcasing some of the best and brightest talents in electronic composition — from label regulars like Ulf Lohmann to up-and-coming new talents like Japan's Tetsuo Sakae (aka Pass Into Silence). The overall sound of the record is absolutely hypnotizing, with warm, subtle synth pieces and minimal melodies and progressions. It's completely tranquil, yet cerebral and engaging at the same time. Highlights include Pass Into Silence's "Sakura" and Donnach Costello's fragile, guitar-based "To Thee This Night." (CJN)

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