Monday, May 30, 2005


Thanks to everyone that came out to see Blair and I DJ at Misshapes. A good time was had by all, especially those who were still standing for the final tune, Bone Thugz and Harmony- "Tha Crossroads." It was brought to my attention that we should've dropped their tune feat. Phil Collins, but there's always next time.

In other news, I can't stop listening to this track:

Richie Havens- Going Back to My Roots (Twitch edit)

or this one- the kick drum tone alone is enough for me, let alone the hook!

Out Hud- It's For You

or, a classic:

Cajmere- It's Time for the Percolator

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Mocky- Mickey Mouse Motherfuckers (Tiefschwarz remix)
Mocky feat. Jamie Lidell- How Will I know you

More tunes coming tonight. In the meantime, check out Twitch's new Beats in Space mix here.

A reminder:
Come out to Misshapes tonight, to see myself and Blair from Music for Robots playing records.

Details here.

Friday, May 27, 2005

John Tejada DJ set in Budapest, May 2005, courtesy of Nick Parish.

Download here, and be sure to listen for "sweat on the walls" about 1:05 in.

One of the music highlights of every month for me is reading what gems Ewan Pearson has unearthed. He's a fantastic writer, and I want to snatch up literally every record on this page. Check it out here.

A teaser:

7. John Starlight - John's Addiction [UKW]

Mr Oizo on DMT.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Make sure to check Tom Middleton's new essential mix on the BBC Radio site.

My friend Emma reminded me of the Radioboy album -- one of Matthew Herbert's earlier projects. Its available for complete download here at the Tigersushi site.

Tim Sweeney's mix at Our Disco in London in up here. Check it, the kid's on fire. Highlights? He starts with the DFA remix of NIN, which is quite the interpretation of the original, and towards the end, plays Carl Craig's The Climax into Westbam's Old School, Baby feat. Nina. What a tune. I never, ever get tired of it. In fact, I flip my shit whenever its played out.

Or, come dancing you sissies.

My friend Blair from Music for Robots and I will be playing
some records this Saturday night at Misshapes. Its a really fun
party, and one of the only ones I've been to in NYC where kids
keep dancing until 5 am rain or shine. Expect rock and roll,
electro, twisted disco and whatever kids shake their hips to
these days.

We're going on at 2:30 am or so, but come by earlier for some
free drinkage from 10-12. I trust I can rely on your attendance
(and your vote).

Music for robots

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My friend Toby Warner tipped me off on one of the coolest mixtape sites I've seen in some time. The Nice & Slo mix from Mastermix is amazing-- 46 tracks in 11 minutes. Just as the Psychonauts encapsulated the mid-nineties Mo'Wax sound with their Time Machine mix, this mix documents mid-eighties electro, funk, breaks and hip-hop. Direct download from here.
I wish every night out at a club ended on this note:

Sebastian Tellier-La Ritournelle

He also did a beautiful song for the lost in translation soundtrack, which I'm just revisiting now. The Kevin Shields tracks are great.

Sebastian Tellier- Fantino

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wow. Just finished my first listen to Richard Davis' new LP, Details. Emotive minimal techno of the highest order, similar in vibe to a lot of Superpitcher's stuff, with strings, really crisp production and excellent vocals. I'm going to put some more coherent thoughts together on this for earplug, but for now, I want you to listen to this:

Richard Davis- The Truth
Be sure to check the Luciano remix of M83, which Matthew Perpetua has kindly posted here.

Monday, May 23, 2005


The Smashing Pumpkins covering Joy Div under their Starchildren pseudonym. Really, really good. Despite my being a die-hard a Pumpkins fan back in the day, this tune has eluded me til now.

Starchildren- Isolation
Mexico city was an experience, though I can't say that I managed to see that much of it over the course of two days. My friend Philipp just mentioned that its like LA in 10 years or so, and I'd say thats right on the mark. 20 million people, and a thick haze of pollution blanketing the city. My initial experience with how huge it actually is was only reinforced when were were coming in to land... almost otherworldly in density.

In terms of culture and such, I was able to check out the Museum of Modern art, as well as the Anthropological Museum, both of which were absolutely fantastic. Other than that, I pretty much just wondered the streets, checking out different cafes and such. Though I was a bit disconcerted by the number of people checking into the hotel with bodyguards (the bellhop mentioned its due to the high level of kidnappings, etc), I felt relatively safe wandering around by myself in chapultepac. Really wanted to see Leon Trotsky's house, but it wasn't in the cards. Next time.

Ok. Good to be back, and trying to catch up on emails and such. Here's some music for you (to be uploaded tomorrow morning 3/24- check back then)

Sleater Kinney- Entertain
Neu!- E-Muzik
Isolee- Face B
Maurice Fulton- Feel the Same
Rex the Dog- Frequency

I mentioned this re-edit a bit earlier on the blog. The Kieran Hebden edit of the good ones by the Kills. Amazing stuff

The Kills- The Good Ones (Kieran Hebden mix)

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Caught a ridiculously cheap flight and now find myself in Mexico City.

Initial impression: its like drinking from a firehose...and this is on a sunday. I'm off to explore the museum of modern art, but more thoughts (and tunes!) forthcoming. Ive got a lot of stuff you need to hear.

Friday, May 20, 2005

An open letter to democrats. (Scroll down a bit. Link via Wolcott)
Michael F. Gill's review of Superpitcher's Today DJ mix for Stylus magazine is one of the best pieces of electronic music writing I've had the pleasure to read this year.

His conclusion:

"In many ways, Today can be seen as the younger sibling to Michael Mayer’s Immer mix. The two mixes parallel each other in their superb sequencing of mood and momentum, their pronounced track selection, and their ability to define the artist in question better than their debut studio albums ever could."


Check the whole thing out here. And be sure to read Stylus, cos its a really amazing publication.
The excellent Mp3 blog, 20 jazz funk greats, has the Icelandic version of Nathan fake's amazing "The Sky Was Pink." Click here for the post.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

by nick kilroy Posted by Hello
A great collection of photos from the late Nick Kilroy
to check out here. An unbelievably talented man, and the world was a better place for having him around.
At long last, it appears that is back up and running. Check it!
New space alert! Pancake studio looks really cool for parties and whatnot. Check my pal Dave Hughes' night of electronic music goodness happening there (details here.)
This is one of the funnier things I've read in some time. (via Gawker)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Theramarlin: i have just successfully installed cable internet in the rattlesnake canyon
colinjnagy: what?
Theramarlin: i can't believe i am internet ready next to a stream in the middle of montana
Theramarlin: i have moved into a canyon north of missoula, MT
colinjnagy: send pictures pls.
colinjnagy: want to see you catch a live rattler
colinjnagy: and cook it on an open fire
Theramarlin: it is crazy out here. so many beautiful women
colinjnagy: shit man
colinjnagy: i'd be down for a montana excursion
Theramarlin: a few days back, me and my roommate saw an osprey dive into the river and emerge with a wriggling fish in its talons
Theramarlin: don't get that in the city

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

check out this excellent dnb mix hosted on gutterbreaks. its by emoticon aka Ben Thomson, a 19-year old student at Leeds. Bravo!
Slate's Jack Shafer has more on the Newsweek debacle. A must-read.

Monday, May 16, 2005

cant stop listening to these:

arthur russell- wax the wan
solvent-think like us (solvent vs lowfish mix)
frank martiniq- walking bass (little fluffy krauts mix)
popular computer- darling
aphex twin- xtal
you've got to be fucking kidding me.
Another media debacle

Looks like Newsweek has finally retracted their piece about the reported desecration of the Koran by American guards at Guantánamo Bay. Such is the danger of an overcrowded media marketplace where everyone is clamoring for an exclusive, compounded further by the bloggers who often break things before the lumbering traditional media behemoths get to it. It also brings up the issue of anonymous sourcing, which is frighteningly common and often used as a crutch in lieu of deeper and dirtier investigation.

In WaPo medic critic Howard Kurtz' piece, Bob Zelnick, a former Pentagon correspondent, and current chair of BU's journalism department adds a dose of reality to the criticism:

"I don't see how a reporter can function in a sensitive beat without relying on anonymous sources -- even one anonymous source if the reporter has confidence in him." But Zelnick said that even if the Koran incident was true, he would have had "reservations" about running it because "the potential to inflame is greater than the value of the piece itself."

Now, the question is will NewsWeek editor Mark Whittaker be ousted or not?

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Check in with Tim Sweeney over at Beats In Space. His recent mix included the new DFA mix of NIN's "The Hand That Feeds," as well as a new Juan Mclean tune, "Dance With Me." All of the mixes are included in streaming format, as well as mp3's, so you can throw some on the pod. My favorite all-time BIS mixes are the Avalanches DJ set, James Murphy's mix, as well as Paul Psychonaut's dark pop-electro mix. Check the archives for 'em.

Speaking of the Psychonauts- the Highfish and Zander remix of "World Keeps Turning," is included in Superpitcher's excellent new mix out on Kompakt, Today.The selections are decidedly warm, minimal and cerebral...perfect for a 1 am walk around Manhattan on a summer evening (which is when I checked it last night). Also, some goodies in the post box this past week have included the fantastic Kitsune X compilation, the new bugged out! mix by Damian Lazarus, the debut LP of breaks don Will Saul, and the new Oxford Collapse LP. Still working through a lot of other stuff, so more on my new discoveries later.

Also, finally got a proper chance to listen to the Optimo Psyche Out mix, and it is absolutely fantastic. These two are on top of things at the moment. another highlight from the weekend would have to be my first dedicated listen to Arthur Russell's World of Echo, something that I really slept on in lieu of Calling Out of Context and World of... Truly amazing stuff.

Hm. What else? I'm reading Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis, a book that was in our family bookcase throughout my childhood (next to Lee Ioccocca, and A Bright Shining Lie). Its about a bond trader at Solomon Brothers in the mid-eighties, which tells you about all you need to know. Really enjoyable thusfar. Also close to finishing The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman, and House of Lies by Martin Kihn.

Wow, I think that's my first proper blog post. Normally things are quite a bit more disjointed and ADD, for which I apologize.

Having trouble with the Idisk, so some tracks to come later.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

stuff im really feeling lately:

captain comatose- up in flames (playhouse)
superpitcher- today (kompakt)
va/ 4 woman no cry (monika)
spectral sound vol 1 (ghostly)

to be updated tomorrow when i navigate my way through a stack of new music.

Friday, May 13, 2005

everyone who loves music needs to read this interview/ jukebox jury with james murphy in pitchfork. fantastic.
US Rejects Russia's Allegations Of Espionage

...right. i love how, instead of just rendering them useless with their savvy counter-intelligence, Russia just kicked out the Peace Corps on a very public level a few years ago.

OK! Off to check Mr. Negative at APT tonight, which should be really good. Then onto the underground resistance night at subtonic. I leave you with some music. bon week-end.

"Im sick of motherfuckers tryin to tell me that they're down with prince"

hot chip- down with prince (radio edit)
flying lizards- sex machine
prince buster- barrister pardon

miss kitten w/ goldenboy- rippin kittin (ellen allien mix)
suicide- ghost rider
the black keys- am automatic
theo parrish- anansies dances
squarepusher- port rhombus

Thursday, May 12, 2005

My comrade at and, philip sherburne, has a new column over at pitchfork. check it out here!

Also, Philip links to the "Kunstformen der Natur" mix by Jena Paradies available here. It starts with two of the tunes I'm always rambling on about on this here blogga: Pantha Du Prince "St. Denis bei Licht" and The MFA "the difference it makes" (superpitcher remix). so so so good.
Any doubts that Matthew Perpetua is one of the best music bloggers around? Check his recent post on Colder's Downtown. "[the track]feels like some kind of horrible rut in life made tolerable by excessive medication and cheap thrills. It seems so effortlessly desperate and emotionally barren that I kind of worry for the mental state of its author." Listen to the tune, and re-read that. So spot on.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

From today's International Herald Tribune: Court allows Cheney to keep details secret in energy case
I finally had a spare second to transcribe the Glimmers interview that I did about two months or so ago. Two of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure to meet, and their musical knowledge is second to none. They were equally comfortable talking about everything from rare psych disco and new kompakt 12's to vintage acid house and baile funk, and their sheer enthusiasm for all types of music was really refreshing to see. What was most interesting to me is that their ecclectism was partially rooted in the fact that when they played parties early on, they had several different crowds to satiate, from the ravers, to the hip hop kids, etc.

On that note, I'm going to try and sort out an interview with JD Twitch from Optimo soon, which should be fun. Stay tuned for both. I'll try to post the Glimmers new 12' "Cassette" tonight.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Linstrom- Drums of Life
...because everyone needs more psychadelic norwegian disco.
Kraft Punk- At my House
some weird booty of LCD soundsystem's "Daft Punk is Playing At My House", with loads of homework-era samples thrown in for good measure.
New Order- Age of Consent
my favorite track they've done. ever.
A Number of Names- Shari Vari
Random but addictive detroit techno track i've stumbled upon.
Primal Scream- higher than the sun (dub mix)
in anticipation of andrew weatherall's set at APT in NYC, here's some dubbed out goodness he produced for primal scream.

and, if you haven't checked it out yet, Captain Comatose- To My Song. Tune of the summer!
Woebot on classic detroit techno 12's. Well worth a read.

Monday, May 09, 2005

I love this ILM thread: Top 100 tearjerking techno. Or this one: Micro-Goth My fav gothy microhouse tunes: Dettinger "Tottentanz," "Phantom/Ghost - Perfect Lovers (Tobias Thomas/Superpitcher Unperfect Love Mix)," and Konrad Black's stuff on 240 volts. Also, picked up a good tip about my favorite electronic record last year, Pantha Du Prince, Diamond Daze. Evidently the man responsible has (another) psuedonym, and has put out a record called glühen 4 - das schweigen der sirenen: liquid identity fluid. Going to track this down asap.
In other news, still digesting Markus Guentner's In Moll, as well as the first Super_Collider LP. Really vibing on this 4 Women no cry comp, but more on that later.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My friends rule. An excerpt of a sunday aim session with Nate Cunningham:

EagleInYourMind: try to wrap your head around the one i'm sending now...electronic hole, golden hour spacemen 3 dying in quicksand in 1969 with harmonica

colinjnagy: thats nearly as good as your "rave inside a glacier" description of that alog track.
Checked Deadbeat's dj set at Nublu on Friday, and had the good fortune to meet up with two of Montreal's best and brightest producers, Akufen and Mike Shannon, as well as two of the nicest dudes in the music business, David Day and Jon Berry. Missed the next day's Mini-Mutek due to a last-minute decision to come home for mother's day, but as I peruse the listings at subtonic, it appears they're will be no shortage of great electronic music for the duration of the summer. I'm particularly excited by this gig:

8/12*: Falko Brocksieper (Sub Static, Treibstoff)
Sarah Goldfarb (Traum, Trapez, Treibstoff | France)

Also, picked up some new vinyl: The M.Mayer "Lovefood" EP, with a fantastic, vampish cover of Kylie's "Slow," as well as the 12' of Swayzak's "Snowblind." The Richard Davis and Matthew Jonson mixes are both stellar.

For a good overview of Kompakt's recent releases, check this Pitchfork roundup.
Please read Nicholas Kristof's Sunday Times op-ed on Pope Benedict XVI's stance on contraception, and its implications for the global AIDS crisis.

An excerpt:

"The Vatican has horribly undercut the war against AIDS in two ways. First, it has tried to prevent Catholic clinics, charities and churches from giving out condoms or encouraging their use. Second, it argues loudly that condoms don't protect against H.I.V., thus discouraging their use.

In El Salvador, the church helped push through a law requiring condom packages to carry a warning label that they do not protect against AIDS. Since fewer than 4 percent of Salvadoran couples use condoms the first time they have sex, the result will be more funerals."

Friday, May 06, 2005

Captain Comatose
Up In Flames
A version to appear in go subscribe!

Overhearing a Captain Comatose track from a passing car, you might be tempted to dismiss it as just another sexed-up electro-rock cut. But Up In Flames, the playful work of veteran hedonists Khan and Snax, is hardly so simplistic. Though the duo acknowledges a cheeky reverence for the '70s rock-dates-disco phase, the nostalgia stops there. "Poppertalk Blues" offers the figurative sound of amyl nitrate, complete with warped blues guitar and druggy mumbles, while "To My Song," turns to the '60s for a summertime anthem melding pumping pianos with garage-blues vocals over rolling drums (are those timpanis?); in the background, a synthesizer zippers like a kitten sliding down the curtains. It's a guaranteed hit for places like Frankfurt's Robert Johnson and New York's APT, but in a perfect world, it'd be blaring out of car windows. (CJN)

a random friday afternoon selection of things ive been into lately. no time for in-depth descriptions right now, but all are worth your time. trust me.

the rapture- i need your love (ewan pearson mix)
human league- do or die
fad gadget-back to nature
sylvie marks and hal 9000- we electric
cut copy- saturdays
troubleman- strike hard
bloc party- banquet (phones disco edit)
lady sovereign- blah blah blah (cadence weapon version)
arthur russell- let's go swimming (walter gibbons mix)
freiland- hot love

oh, and if you haven't heard trevor jackson's playgroup dj kicks mix, you need to asap. used copies on amazon for like 8 bucks.
also, the psychonauts time machine mix is well worth hunting down on whatever format you can find it.

My Boss:
i didn't make any changes to your (name redacted) memo - barely read the beginning and sent off to Jim
Me:erm, dude you said you were going to revise it...please tell me this is a joke
Boss: no, why?
Me: oh, something about purging the (name redacted) executive staff
and starting anew...i dont need this on my semi day off
Boss: what? holy shit!

Long, awkard silence (during which I start looking for a new job on mediabistro)

Boss:you've been punked
aiight bro...have a great weekend
no big surprise about the uk elections. however, one point of interest is rupert murdoch throwing his complete support behind labour. rumor has it that this came on the condition that blair not step down (and yield to gordon brown) before serving another full term. the back room negotiations had to be interesting, and makes one wonder how many much more media deregulation in britain will be on the horizon as a result.

on another note, my former london postcode, cities of london & westminster, voted as follows:
Conservative 47.3%
Labour 25.1%
Liberal Democrat 20.0%

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sasha Frere-Jones has posted a few new Lady Sov tracks here (3:25 on "the broom" is fucking hilarious) and here. I thought she'd blow up after random and cha-ching but there hasn't been the rabid media attention that MIA managed to garner. Hopefully it'll come soon, because its some of the best stuff I've heard this year. Ill post a few of her other selections tonight.
Deadbeat- New World Observer
A version to appear in go subscribe!

Inspired equally by the rhythmic slink of Jamaican dub reggae, and the clean, textured productions emanating out of Montreal’s techno scene, Deadbeat’s third album for ~scape, New World Observer, demonstrates an increased geopolitical consciousness and a wider palette of musical genres. Though his production style has long sought to gel dub, ambient and techno music into a cohesive new form, the album reaches farther for musical inspiration, notably the Middle-Eastern strings and rhythms on “N'importe Quoi.” In addition to the beautifully layered arrangements, Deadbeat’s production dexterity is most apparent in the gradual vocal manipulation of Athesia’s ethereal vocals on “Port-au-Prince” into individual, phonetic fragments. Deadbeat also samples from recent news media - from a pitched-down clip of a right-wing radio commentator justifying Abu Ghraib, to a distraught Palestinian woman on “O Little Town of Bethlehem” - proving that his observations of the world are as much political as they are musical.
Colleen- The Golden Morning Breaks
Leaf Recordings
A version to appear in go subscribe!

Colleen’s debut, Everyone Alive Wants Answers, is a soundtrack to viewing old, decaying film negatives held up to the light – a gentle, intimate record that conveys themes of childhood nostalgia through dusty, wobbly lullabies. Her sophomore effort was recorded live with guitar, strings, and glass glockenspiel - a departure from the first - which was based completely from samples and found sounds. The result is a more instinctive and organically formed record, but one that draws upon familiar textures. From the crackle of the tape on “The Common Sea,” to the sound of raindrops falling against a windowpane used as a subtle percussive element on “Mining in the Rain,” the attention to such minutiae creates an intimate bond with the listener, akin to a whispered secret that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Though the title is The Golden Morning Breaks, the songs best convey a sound suited to a moment just before.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm reposting this little piece I wrote back in 2002, because I think it is particularly interesting given some of the emerging pay-for-play PR scandals linked to the Bush Administration. As we now know, Hill and Knowlton was behind the infamous babies from incubators story that propelled us into the first gulf war.

I haven't altered this at all since its original publication:

August, 2002

The recent discovery of Al Qaeda videotapes by Senior CNN correspondent Nic Robertson documenting chemical weapons tests on animals is undoubtedly disturbing. However, one must question the timing and media coverage of such an event, especially given the questions being raised at the moment regarding further strategic action in the Middle East.

According to the CNN lead posted online August 18, 2002 at 10:48 p.m., "A collection of dozens of videotapes obtained by CNN in Afghanistan sheds new light on the inner workings of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terror organization. The chilling archive includes footage of dogs being killed in poison gas experiments, lessons on making explosives, instructions on terrorist tactics and previously unseen images of bin Laden and his top aides.”

The question as to where the tapes were discovered remains unclear. According to the original CNN report, “Mr. Robertson and senior CNN executives declined to say precisely how or where they located the tapes, but they said CNN did not pay for them. Mr. Robertson said he drove 17 hours from the Afghan capital of Kabul about two weeks ago to view the tapes, which he said had been moved away from their original location…”

The tapes show various Al Qaeda activities, ranging from instructional videos on bomb making to various terrorist activities. According to both CNN, and the New York Times reports, the most disturbing scenes included the poisoning of various dogs by unidentified chemicals.

A story by Judith Miller run in the New York Times describes in detail the poison-induced death of a “white Labrador-like dog, wearing a green ribbon.” The article goes on to state, “The dog then tries standing; its head shakes violently, and its breathing quickens. Its hind legs appear to collapse. Seconds later, the dog falls and struggles to stand. Unable to control its front legs, it whimpers and moans. Then the dog appears to vomit. Its moan becomes a piercing wail.”
As horrifying as this is, the dramatic detail proves entirely unnecessary, and one must question what this sort of emotional appeal does for US public opinion in a time of divided interests. It brings to mind the rumors, and subsequent rampant media coverage of the babies in Kuwait allegedly removed from their incubators by Iraqi soldiers, thus rallying opinion towards strategic action against Iraq under the first Bush administration.

Such blatant emotional appeals, whether they be newborns or white Labrador retrievers serve essentially the same purpose. It paints the enemy as unhuman, and makes it entirely easier to sell any sort of war plan to the public. With a nation divided as to what will happen in the forthcoming weeks in respect to Iraq, these discovered videotapes may just serve that purpose. Media agencies, especially such bastions of journalism as the New York Times must remain cognizant of the fact that the US government has, and always will be mounting propaganda campaigns in times of war. To say that these Al Qaeda tapes might have been strategically leaked (or placed in an area easily found with an anonymous tip) might not be far from the truth. It’s purely speculation, but something to bear in mind given the circumstances.
One of my favorite bloggers, Dana Vachon (aka DNasty) just signed a $650,000 advance for a book deal. Details here (fourth item).

Be sure to stop by Tonic this weekend, as there's a great Mutek preview going down. Details from flavorpill here.
Jamie Lidell- A Little Bit More

I posted the single "Multiply" from the Jamie Lidell's new record on Warp last week. Here's something else to stave off your appetite until the full album drops in June.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

the smashing pumpkins-soma

good lord.
This is an interesting concept. Evidently, its launching today, and was masterminded by Mark Potts, who helped launch back in the day.

Jay Rosen @ Pressthink has more.

two things: having read nearly every substantive iraq war reporting memoir, i can say that the two that strike me as most impressive are: generation kill by evan wright and Embedded: The Media At War in Iraq by Bill Katovsky, Timothy Carlson The least impressive? A fist in the hornet's nest by NBC's Richard Engel. Up next is Under Fire : Untold Stories from the Front Line of the Iraq War, a compliation of stories from Reuters correpondents.

on another note: having just completed my first listen it Isolee's We Are Monster, it is a blinder of an album. more to come on this...
Ok. A few nice psych tracks: Who knew the monkees could sound so blissed out? A little Roky action, and though I'm sure you're all tired of the mashups, and interesting one of superpitcher's heroin and the pet shop boys. its really, really good.

the monkees- porpoise song
13th floor elevators- slip inside this house
superpitcher/ pet shop boys- dry heroin

oh, and if you haven't heard the series of triple r mixes (friends, selection 2 and selection 3), then you must!
been really vibing on the latest installment.
Fareed Zakaria's (who's book i still haven't finished) NY Times review of Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat.

I found this particularly interesting:
"What created the flat world? Friedman stresses technological forces. Paradoxically, the dot-com bubble played a crucial role. Telecommunications companies like Global Crossing had hundreds of millions of dollars of cash -- given to them by gullible investors -- and they used it to pursue incredibly ambitious plans to ''wire the world,'' laying fiber-optic cable across the ocean floors, connecting Bangalore, Bangkok and Beijing to the advanced industrial countries. This excess supply of connectivity meant that the costs of phone calls, Internet connections and data transmission declined dramatically -- so dramatically that many of the companies that laid these cables went bankrupt. But the deed was done, the world was wired. Today it costs about as much to connect to Guangdong as it does New Jersey."

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Like a goon, I slept on seeing Favela Rising at the Tribeca Film Festival. The trailer looks amazing, check it here.

this lovely little release is in the post, and on the way to me. i absolutely cannot wait. eskimo's been putting out some outrageously good compliations lately.

i seem to spend entirely too much cash at picadilly records, and with the exchange rate the way it is, tis a dangerous thing. these are two of my fav domestic record stores:
dusty groove: great for breaks, soul, old funk, etc etc. their descriptions are what set them apart from other sites. really on point writing that coerces you into buying that deep funk compliation that you'd never even heard about.

also, neptune records and forced exposure, are probably the best sites for european electronic stuff. they tend to carry everything that's kompakt- distributed, and beyond. both are really reliable.
as i wait with baited breath for my copy of isolee's new LP, we are monster, ive been playing his mix of recloose's cardiology on repeat. check it!

recloose- cardiology (isolee mix)

also, if you havent checked recloose's entire LP, do it. amazing stuff, and he's got a new one coming v.soon, preceeded by this single:
Recloose- Dust
David Remnick on Tony Blair in today's Guardian.
a fairly random smattering of tunes for you this fine sunday in new york.

the smashing pumpkins- ugly
i dont think siamese dream and mellon collie left my cd changer for the duration of high school. this is a b-side from the 1979 single, but an a-side for many lesser bands.
spacemen 3- walkin with jesus
this is one of my favorite spacemen 3 tunes, from the forged prescriptions LP (which has a lot more studio trickery then the comparitively stripped-down perfect prescription). Described by pitchfork as "the anthem of a Polyphonic Spree crossed with Heaven's Gate."
quarks- i walk (superpitcher schaffel mix)
this came to my attention from one of colette's excellent comps. a nice little rock and roll swagger, with superpitchers glam schaffel beat chugging along underneath.
kaos- lessons in love feat. erland oye
cant get enough of this track. erland (from kings of convenience) has been collaborating with lots of electronic producers, from royksopp to phonique, etc. check out his dj kicks mix if you haven't yet.