Thursday, June 30, 2005


An alias of Gomma's Munk, this track has a sleazed-out, addictive groover of a bass line, as well as vocals from French girls getting drunk in the bathroom on cheap red wine. Its not exactly stated, but you can tell from their demeanor/ drawl thats what it is. hah.

Leroy Hanghofer-Bathroom Boogie

Then, an unbelievably good mashup from Philip Sherburne (who needs to update his sodding blog!) of Tori Alamaze's excellent Don 'cha, over a James Holden track. Finally, my homeboy Rex the Dog with a b-side of one of his 12's, Frequency.
Philip Sherburne- A Break in the Maze
Rex the Dog- I Look into Mid Air

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


"Whatever the case, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is out one championship ring, and President Vladimir Putin of Russia has scooped up some very flashy bling."
That's my Putin!

In my review of the Soul Jazz Acid House comp Can you Jack? for Earplug, I said this track sounded like an "assembly line malfunction at the techno factory, with pumping kick drums sounding a mechanical cadence while spurts of white noise and increasingly urgent tones pan upwards in pitch."

Have a listen and tell me what you hear.

Lil' Louis- Video Clash

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Speaking to my brother today about the L train robots, he reminded me of quite possibly my favorite SNL skit ever. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can watch it here, right now.
Cassette DJing. Oh my goodness. (Link via Kontent)

I know I don't give you guys a lot of background with tracks sometimes, but if I post here I'm really feeling it. Today, I have a Solvent track which can be best described as dark, vocoded electro pop. It's on my Itunes most frequently played, and I figured that's a probably a good sign. Also, my friend Lauren Flax sent me all of the Aphex Twin Analord tracks (which are vinyl only) in mp3 format, allowing for a much more convenient listen on the train. You can bring your handytrax everywhere, ya know. Sadly, I don't have a track name, so it will remain a mystery for now. Drop me a line if you know it.

Solvent- Think Like Us (Solvent vs. Lowfish mix)
Aphex Twin- Analord track 09

and lest you think all I listen to is electronic music, here's a lovely acoustic guitar tune:

John Fahey- Wine and Roses

I have to clean out my Idisk soon, so if you want to take a look at everything I've posted for the past few weeks click here.What's that? You've created a Devil in the Details playlist on your Ipod? Thats sweet of you.

Come out to see Andy Votel DJ at APT. tonight. Here's a little interview with him courtesy of the excellent BBC collective.

A collaboration with Super_Collider's Christian Vogel and Jamie Lidell and a UK Grime MC, preferably Kano. Snap Snap! Make it happen, people. Time is money!

Today, its the L train.
Tomorrow, its your job.
Vote no on robots.

Unless, of course, its Music For Robots. Then by all means.

I'm evangelical about good headphones. Thus far, I've made quite a few of my good friends abandon their ipod buds and enter the realm of listening enlightenment. It never ceases to amaze me how people will put up with listening to music on rubbish laptop speakers, let alone the earbuds that came with your walkman seven years ago.

I've been happy with my Technics pair. They're about as durable as it comes, and play really loud. Downside is they do tend to sap the battery on an ipod.

The step up from here are the Sennheiser HD25's which are absolutely unreal. I listened to My Bloody Valentine's Loveless on them once, and it was like hearing that album for the first time...which was almost too much to deal with. A mind full of pink static.
For the geeks in the house:
Frequency response: 16 - 22,000 Hz
Nominal impedance: 70 ohms
Characteristic SPL: 120 dB
THD: < 0.3 %
Weight: approx. 140 g
Connection cable: detachable 1.5 m single-sided steel cable
Connector: 1/8 in. plug with 1/4 in. adapter
But, it seems there is a compromise for those who want something smaller, with equal sound reproduction. These Shure e3's are fantastic. They're the size of normal earbud phones, but completely cancel out all outside sound and the sound is unreal. You can hear if a floor tom is slightly out of tune, and the bass reproduction is incredible. The only setback is they will cost you around 170 bones. However, for people that truly love music, its well worth it.

As a sidenote, I think that if more people would use great phones, more people would understand how much of today's electronic music blows my mind.

Take this track: Your Body is My Body- Ellen Allien

To quote my pal and occasional DJ partner Blair from music for robots,
"I like the way this song unfolds, starting with a squeaky rhythm, adding layers of synths to the mix, then around the 1:10 mark a great polyrhythm thing starts up and rolls its way through the rest of the song. The synths and beat have a really great crunch to them that I really like - every track on the album has something about it that is purely Allien-esq, as she really works the palate of sounds in ways that others working in the genre don't."
Well put. Listen to the tune, plug in (with good phones)and you'll hear what he's saying straightaway.

I'm behind this idea 100 percent, especially as I find myself spending more and more time at the lovely new west side park/ promendade:

"The master plan for an East River esplanade, which was unveiled last month by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, is a welcome reprieve from that New York cliché. Covering a two-mile stretch of waterfront from Battery Park to East River Park in Lower Manhattan, the project will transform a series of abandoned piers and derelict corners beneath the Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive into a vibrant urban panorama without sacrificing the rough edges."
New York needs more green space, period. It's what I miss the most about London. The Brits take their parks quite seriously. Ever stroll through Regents' park on a Sunday afternoon? If so, I'm sure you get my point.

Monday, June 27, 2005

DJ Shadow's Endtroducing is one of my favorite albums ever. Period. They've just re-released it, with bonus tracks, singles, etc. Read the pitchfork review here. Also, check the just-posted interview with Dizzee Rascal.

At one point, before Boy in Da Corner came out, I had an early promo (after having listened to the exclusive streaming tracks on the Radio 1 website over and over). My girlfriend at the time and I were listing to it, waiting for a delivery (fresh direct?) to arrive. When the deliveryman came, he was like
"what the hell is this?"
"Erm, Dizzee Rascal, this guy from East London"
"I'm not gonna fib man, I've been standing outside your door for a few minutes listening to this. its dope."
I proceeded to scribble the name down for him, slightly sketched that he was just standing outside the door for a period of time, but equally stoked that he was into the sound.

So there you have it. An early indication as to the crossover appeal of Dizzee, however I don't think he's gotten as big in the US as many thought he would. Probably just takes a big-name collaboration to propell him into mainstream hip-hop and R&B radio. I'm not sure.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm curious as to who is checking this blog often...drop me a comment and say hello?

Been revisiting some of my favorite tracks (both by Klimek) in Kompakt's stellar Pop Ambient series. Check 'em

Klimek- Milk & Honey
Klimek-Standing on the Beach (gun in my hand mix)

Also, some sand
Fennesz-Rivers of Sand
and some Krush
Dj Krush- Still Island (feat. Shuuzan Morita)

Friday, June 24, 2005


My friend just told me my clothing vibe today is the cardio instructor at a retirement home for gothic people, and then simulated arm lifts to the tune of "Personal Jesus."


Karl Rove's recent comments:

"Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers." Conservatives, he said, "saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared for war."

Then, the predictable Democrat call for apology.

Then, Dan Bartlett being wheeled out on the morning shows:

"I think Karl was very specific, very accurate, in who he was pointing out," communications director Dan Bartlett said. "It's touched a chord with these Democrats. I'm not sure why."

Best summed up here:
colinjnagy: the democrats are like a stupid tiger
colinjnagy: that finds a tempting piece of meat
colinjnagy: in the jungle
colinjnagy: it senses a trap, it knows its a trap
colinjnagy: but it still goes after it
[name redacted]: and then apologizes for going after it
colinjnagy: exactly

Let's compare this to the Democratic response, which was far from unified, regarding Howard Dean's comments that the Republicans are "pretty much a white, Christian party" while also noting that he, too, is a white christian. The point being conveyed was that the Democratic party is certainly more diverse. Now, this statement probably contains more truth than Rove's comments, but Dean was rebutted on both sides of the aisle-- by Ken Mehlman on one, and by Joe Biden and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on the other, who said that "Dean is doing a good job, but is not the party's spokesman."

We all know that the Republican party is excellent at message control, and presenting a unified front in most cases. This is yet another example of why we are losing.

In addition, I'm also quite sick of the every single email I get from 527's, the DNC, DNC chair Howard Dean, John Edwards, John Kerry, etc. They all share a similar tone of what they intend to be outrage, but it comes off as childish whining. I'm not sure when they're going to realize that the electorate has demonstrated it doesn't like such bellyaching, but rather the alpha male mentality, akin to a stubborn father who refuses to ever apologize, or like the arrogrant high school quarterback who goes home and does the prom queen. Flight suit anyone?

Sure enough, I just received this mass email from none other than Sen. Kerry. An excerpt:

This isn't the first time that Karl Rove and other White House officials have sought to divide America in ways that make it harder to keep our country safe and our democracy strong. But, it should be the last. That's why I ended my speech with a call on President Bush to fire Karl Rove. It is the only way the President can make it clear that he rejects Rove's effort to distort one of the most unified and patriotic moments in American history into a cheap, divisive, political applause line.

That, of course, is what is most outrageous about Karl Rove's claim that President Bush's political opponents offered "therapy and understanding for our attackers." It isn't true. In the days after 9/11, there were no Democrats, no Republicans. We were all Americans, standing together. President Bush acknowledged that unity in a clear and compelling way at the time.

Now, Karl Rove is purposely twisting those days of unity in order to divide us for political gain. I hope you will act right now to join a growing chorus of Americans calling on the President to fire Karl Rove.

Yes, that's right. Senator Kerry is calling on the President to fire his leading political adviser and trusted confidant. What are the chances of this happening? Absolutely Outrageous! Karl Rove could be caught redhanded fingering a Girl Scout in a west wing broom closet by the entire White House press corps and he still wouldn't be pushed to resign.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Two new tracks for you this evening. The first comes from Brooks' acclaimed LP, Red Tape, which made many best-of 2004 lists. It came out late in October 2004, and I'm just now getting around to it. First listens have indeed proven quite enjoyable. The second track is from the forthcoming Portable LP on one of my favorite labels, ~scape, based in Berlin. I just started listening to this today, and this track stood out to me. More thoughts forthcoming. Stay tuned, and enjoy.

Brooks- Do the Math
Portable- All EjectN

Ewan Pearson's posted his top picks for the month. Check them out here. Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (Tiefschwarz remix) sounds particularly interesting, especially when Mr. Pearson mentions it in the same breath as their remix of Red Dress...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

circlesquare Posted by Hello

check for a few full mp3s. non-revival alarm is on some sort of post-apocalyptic folk and seratonin sapped burnt downtempo tip, with near-whispered vocals and pitch bent guitars that sound like they were stolen from Chris Issac's "Wicked Game" (DMT remix). Also, "Fight Sounds" on Output's channel 3 comp is oh so dark and sexed out. amazing. apologies for the lack of coherent writing ability, im tired and want to go sleep but i cant.

Monday, June 20, 2005

This Arthur Russell story by S/FJ stands as one of my favorite pieces of music journalism.
Fight Club redux!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


You know when you find a piece of music that perfectly captures the vibe of a given moment? Last time I heard a track that made me fall of my chair, it was Marz' The River (on headphones in a hotel room overlooking NYC) at new years. It still remains one of the most calming, pure, things I've heard. Now, my friend Nate Cunningham sent me over a band called Nudge on Kranky records. Perfect for 11:36 pm on a Sunday night, following a hectic weekend. I'll post more details about these guys when I get it, but in the meantime, enjoy.

Nudge- Classic Mode

I'm not sure how it is that Zoot Woman haven't caught on much stateside...but I'm certainly going to try and remedy this fact. The band is a project from Stuart Price (also known as a Mr. Jacques Lucont) and brothers Johnny (guitar, vocals) and Adam Blake.

This tune is about as perfect as pop gets. I cannot stop playing it...Listen to that hook! aieee

Zoot Woman- Grey Day

I'm also crazy for Tom Middleton's remix of their track- Its Automatic, which was featured on Jacques' Fabric Mix.

Put together a rough draft in itunes of where my head's at right now...want to try to get this properly mixed soon. In the interim, drop me a line and I'll send you a CDR copy of the unmixed version. I want to try to work in Wighnomy Bros.-Wurz + Blosse in here somewhere, as its one of my fav tunes at the moment.

Deadbeat- Slow Rot From Rhetoric
Markus Guentner- Jellyfish
Closer Musik- Maria
Marc LeClair- 236th jour
Jonas Bering- Mustang 1966
Peter Schumann-Ric
Isolee-Face b
Frank Martiniq-Walking Bass (Little Fluffy Krauts Mix)
A Number of Names-Shari Vari
Konrad Black-Separation Anxiety (feat. march21)
John Tejada-And Many More
Richard Davis-Bring Me Closer
Ada- Maps
Squarepusher- Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)

I can't stop listening to Isolee's We Are Monster, or the new Marc LeClair record, Musique Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes.

Here's a tune for you:

This track came out on Shur i Kan's Waypoints EP. First thing I've heard from Mr. Fingers in a long time, and it doesnt disappoint.

Shur I Kan-Searching (Mr. Fingers Remix)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Matt Perpetua over at Fluxblog has posted a new Ewan Pearson/ Usher remix of Feist. It rules. Check it here.

Word on the street is Broker/ Dealer are playing a loft party in the NYC tonight. Drop me a line and I'll forward you on the details.

Here's one of my favorite tracks they've done, taken from the Triple R Friends mix on Kompakt (and also on Doc Martin's Fabric 10 mix). Wow. listen to that solitary synth line about 2:25 in, so beautiful.

Broker/ Dealer- Boots and Pants

I love how gelatanous the tones are, as if the kick drum and bass line were submerged in that pink fluid from the movie the abyss.

Mr Fingers- Beyond the Clouds
(from the aforementioned Soul Jazz Acid comp)

The Black Dice- Skeleton
I think people that had the patience with this record were richly rewarded for it. The guitar tones in this are heavenly, once you wade through the intro parts, which are quite abstract.

Friday, June 17, 2005


Run to your local record store and pick up the new Soul Jazz Acid House compilation, Can You Jack. Just got it today, and can confirm that it is absolutely on-point in its documentation of one of the most interesting movements in electronic music. The included booklet also contains some great interviews from the likes of Green Velvet/ Cajmere, Roy Davis Jr. and Marshall Jefferson.

In other news, I tracked down the Triple R selection 1 mix, as well as Jan Jelenek's Loop Finding Jazz Records (which I've never heard!). Very excited about both of these, as well as a Minus compliation. These, coupled with loads of great promos to sort through this weekend will keep me happily busy.

(left to right): steven colbert, my brother's boss, my brother, devin Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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20 Jazz Funk Greats with some tasty morsels today for your consumption:

Krafwerk- Home Computer (Live in Warsaw)? Check!
Joy Division- Love will tear us apart (live in Paris)? Check!

Here's the link.
The other, other white meat. mmm.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two things that rule:

An MP3 of the DFA remix of NIN Hand that Feeds. I've been looking for this forever, and couldn't coax it out of the Sweeney. Click here for the download site. Not sure when this comes out on vinyl, but hopefully v. soon. As always, if you download the mp3, buy the freaking record ok?

A Rex the Dog top 10 in Dusted magazine (which is well worth a regular read)
A great, older interview with Colin Greenwood from Radiohead.

Checked the LCD Soundsystem gig last Friday, and while I must say that they are an entertaining band live, the performance left a bit to be desired. Nancy, the keyboardist, looked like she was stuck at a boring piano recital, and someone drunkenly played the intro to Yeah in the wrong key. This was my third time seeing the band, the first being at All Tomorrow's Parties in England. At that point, it was before the record came out, and they seemed to have quite a bit more vitality then they did at Webster Hall. It was still an energetic show, but as one that looks for on stage presence/banter, etc, it left something to be desired (aside from James yelling for Whiskey and Champagne, which I found amusing). Oh well, I still dig their 12's and DFA productions in general, but I don't think im going to check them out live again anytime soon.

The opening band, The Juan McLean, were underwhelming. I absolutely love their new LP, but they might as well have brought a laptop out and hit play. I would have given up my firstborn to hear "Give Me Every Little Thing" which I consider to be one of the best things DFA have ever done, but alas, no. Not hating, but slightly disappointed, as they have live potential dripping out of their pores. I just hope they realize it eventually.

Last night, I checked Grand National, who I knew from "The Difference" released on Output recordings, as well as an vinyl-only EP they released on UK label Sunday Best. This was their live US debut, and I must say it was an excellent show in every respect. One qualm though: My brother wanted to buy a CD/ shirt to support the band and there was no merch table to be seen. You play these initial gigs to increase your stateside exposure, and it seems counterproductive not to sell your music. Annoying.

Tonight, I'm checking Mouse On Mars at the Knitting Factory. Everyone I know that's seen their live performance has been blown away, so I'm extremely excited to check them out.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Though I can't profess to have too much interest in the inner workings of Hollywood, I found this article on Tom Cruise's former PR woman quite interesting. Evidently, she managed to keep his nutso Scientology beliefs out of the media by leveraging her considerable influence.

"With the bat of an eyelash, she'd withdraw the cooperation of her agency's other stars, refuse to cooperate on other stories or ban a publication from getting another star interview. (It took Premiere magazine several years to work itself back into her good graces after one tough "Mission: Impossible 2" story.)"

Now that she's gone, and Tom's sister is his spokeswoman, its funny to sit back and watch the Scientology stories rush forward. Its only a matter of time before a confirmed gay story actually comes out that they can't contain or threaten to sue into the stone age.

Whats more, the whole Katie Holmes PR stunt is just about the most outrageous thing I've seen in a long time, esp. Tom Cruise hopping up and down on Oprah's couch proclaiming how he loves the way women smell. Arg.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Some tracks for you:

Boards of Canada- Buckie High
Its likely that most BOC fans haven't heard friend nate scored a dv-r with hundreds of their unreleased tunes. More to come when I get 'em.

Susumu Yakota- Saku
Section 25- Je veux ton amour
Kano- Mic Fight

Friday, June 10, 2005


...and a website. here.

this page from the site is the first thing i genuinely smiled at all day, i think. techno-dance to the lazers!!!

be sure to check the rex minimix here.

i posted the rex the dog remix of the knife earlier. its one of the best tunes i've heard in long while. be sure to check the mix of soulwax's e talking, as well as the 12' prototype. you can buy mp3s at the kompakt store, which is right here.

You know those DJ mixes you keep finding yourself coming back to over and over? This is one of them. Paul Mogg from the Psychonauts in the studio for Beats In Space. A really dark electro set with a dollop of pop (read: bis' cover of shack up, etc), all mixed by one of the most talented chaps in the business. Check their full-length LP if you havent.

Paul Mogg: Beats in Space mix. (right click to dl)

also, check Pop Your Funk's Roy Dank in the mix as well. Be sure to listen for the still unreleased Brennan Green track at the end (I think its called Little Ease?). He's on the Henrik Schwarz tip there, and its an absolutely amazing piece of music. Word on the street is a release is finally in the works, along with a high profile remix that I'm not sure if I should mention yet. Stay tuned.

Roy Dank- Beats In Space Mix

Update! According to Roy Dank, the track is coming out on Brennan's Chinatown label, with remixes from Lindstrom & Prins Thomas. If you aren't familiar with their work, check out the feedelity recordings site and buy I Feel Space because it rules.
Jon Pareles swilling the haterade over the new Coldplay record. And rightfully so, in my opinion.

I'm personally quite sick of Chris Martin's "shareholders are the world's greatest evil" sentiment, while people are shelling out 180 dollars for a pair of tickets to see the band in an monsterous arena. Based on the success of A Rush of Blood alone, I'm sure he has the resources to circumvent the evil capitalists and release the record on his own...

Such hypocricy. And don't even get me started on his Make trade fair ramblings...

Update: My friend Matt mentioned to me that evidently, the logo on the front of their new record is some cryptic code which, when deciphered, says "Fair Trade." Hm, doesn't this bring to mind the code on the side of the New Order Blue Monday 12'? Not only in concept, but it appears to be the exact same style and everything.

Here's an excerpt from the niagara site:
Q: What are those strange colours on the sleeve?
A: It's a colour code Peter Saville same up with, see Power, Corruption and Lies for decoding information (scroll down a bit)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

When you get a spare second, check my piece on US border restrictions and the implications for underground music on earplug.

Also, drop me a line and let us know how were are doing with the publication in general. I feel its getting better and better with every issue, but certainly welcome any comments or insights as to what you'd like to see.

Some quick thoughts on Mutek:

Unfortunatly, I wasn't able to get up to Montreal earlier than Friday night. My flight ended up being delayed, and didn't arrive until one or so. Initial impression of Montreal was their spanking new airport, which is about as sleek and pared down as the minimal techno that the city is increasingly becoming known for. I set down the bags and ventured out to find the main venue, which was a three floor multi-use space. Upon my arrival, I managed to get lost in the venue for a bit, checking out some glitched-out laptoppery, which didn't do much to propel me out of my slightly weary state.

After guzzling a few Red Bulls, I finally stumbled onto the feature level, right for the beginning of Apparat's set. This was my first Mutek experience (after having cancelled last-minute due to work last year). I was pleasantly surprised to find that every artist was playing live, rather than turning up with a crate of records. Apparat played what can be best described as a improv techno set, eschewing a lot of the more nuanced production in favor of aggressive basslines and balls-out barnstormers. He was followed by Pan/Tone (aka Sid Le Rock) whos recorded for various labels including Sender, Kompakt and Sub Rosa. He carried on the vibe where Apparat left off, but not having any sort of a notebook at the time, specific tracks are eluding me at the moment.

I spent most of Sunday wondering around Montreal, absorbing the glorious post-winter hibernation cafe and revelry vibe. One thing that stuck out was the fact that you could walk down a main street like St. Laurent and feel like you were in North America, and then walk down the French St. Denis, and feel like you had instantly made a transatlantic jump onto a European high street. I enjoyed my time exploring, met up with a few friends for a coffee, and generally enjoyed the summer atmosphere. Everyone in the entire city seemed to be in a great mood, and coupled with my anticipation for the evening ahead, this made for quite nice time.

During the course of the day, one of the press officers for Mutek, Paulina Borda, mentioned that Ricardo Villalobos, due to play in tandem with Luciano as Sense Club, "missed his flight"/ "lost his passport." The fact that this is the third time Mr. Villalobos has pulled this on Mutek tells you all you need to know about the professionalism involved here. Lesson learned: Passports are hard to find when you are in the K Hole. To the credit of the festival organizers, everyone involved bounced back from this in a professional manner. Monolake opened with a fairly minimal, subdued vibe, and then Canada's Matthew Jonson picked things up with a stellar set, re-arranging his back catalogue through the use of a laptop and what I gathered to be running Ableton live and a Midi controller. Luciano made the best of what he could out of the situation, and performed a mindblowing set of his subtle, textured polyrhythms and delving progressively deeper into it.

Atom Heart and the Original Hamster filled Villalobos' void with an interesting set consisting of the sort of beat you hear emmanating out of every car as you walk around in southside williamsburg. It was an odd amalgamation of reggaeton, acid and techno (complete with filthy spanish acapellas) that varied the sound of the night nicely, and certainly kept me on the balls of my feet for the duration of their set. What's more, they cobbled their live set together with borrowed drum machines and equipment that they managed to assemble just a few hours before.

Galoppierende Zuversicht headlined the evening (they're playing in New York soon!), and managed to endear themselves to an up-for-it crowd. While many people had no idea who these guys were at the beginning of the evening, the tongue-twister name was deciphered and surely scrawlled down into a few notebooks as ones to watch.

The personal highlight of the entire festival for me was my final day. The organizers put together a picnic on a lovely island right on the water in Montreal. Luciano and Serafin played back to back for a crowd of bathing suit clad techno revellers, followed by Montreal's own Steven Beaupre and Pier and Andres Bucci-- who are certainly ones that I'm going to keep and eye on.

All in all, an amazing city, and an absolutely fantastic festival that I'm going to do my best to make it to in all its locales from now on.

I know, I've been absolutely worthless for about a week or so on this blog. Rest assured, a boatload of really nice music coming v. soon, along with some thoughts on Mutek.

In the interim, check Philip's pitchfork column on the festival here

An excerpt: "An air of dismay hung over Saturday night's keystone event when it was discovered that Ricardo Villalobos, one half of the headlining duo Sense Club, had "missed" his flight and/or "lost" his passport (perhaps the Libertines are looking for a backup laptop player?)"


Also, check Geeta's Montreal snaps 'n thoughts here.

Monday, June 06, 2005

back from montreal for mutek. wow.
A recap, as well as related tracks to come tonight. stay tuned!

Andreas Gursky
Rhine II

 Posted by Hello

Friday, June 03, 2005


I'm headed up to Montreal tonight to check out Mutek. Should be an amazing time, and I'm particularly interested in checking Matthew Jonson and Sense Club (Villalobos and Luciano b2b). I've been pretty bad at posting music over the past week, but be assured I will be back to it when I return.
The wheels are coming off the wagon.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

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Come out to this tonight. T'will be great as it always is.
Thurs, June 2
Resident freakazoids Brennan Green and Roy Dank all night long.
$5 drink specials
Pop Your Funk happens on the 1st Thurs of each month at
APT, 419 West 13th Street btwn 9th Ave & Washington

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Phil Sherburne brings 25 minutes of moody, slowed-down minimal goodness here.

A BBC collective feature on the Chicago acid sound.
Death knell for the EU constitution
Dive Euro dive! bwahahaha.

Whoa. Robyn's shit is off the chainz. Check Flux for more.

Andreas Gursky "San Francisco" (1998) Posted by Hello

creepers! Posted by Hello
Slate on the unmasking of deep throat.
James Wolcott's got a great idea for Gitmo.