Sunday, October 30, 2005

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Spades- We Sell Soul
Pier Bucci- L'Nuit
Here's a little piece on the new Ewan Pearson mix from this week's Earplug. Go subscribe- its free.

Ewan Pearson
Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. Volume 01
October 3

From the look of some recent mix CDs, it would seem that you can't find a Nathan Fake or Wighnomy Brothers 12-inch in all of Europe, now that the Kompakt bins have been plucked bare by ravaging hordes. With all due respect to those producers, isn't the point of a truly good mix CD to break unheard sounds? That's just what Ewan Pearson has done here, scouring smaller labels and lesser-known producers to great effect. Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. spans from Joakim's wobbly, playful, Balearic mix of Clashing Egos to the raw, live drums of Riton's Brazilian Girls mix and the dark, proggy monster — complete with creepy guitar breakdown — that is Dirk Technic's "I Love You." The only thing semi-familiar is Random Factor's stellar (and yet-unreleased) reworking of Villalobos' "Easy Lee," making the album a well-curated selection of record-store gems — the kind employees stash away for themselves and their favorite DJs. (CJN)

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Check these mixes asap. (Cheers Brock)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ok. My house is in last nights party. Time to grow up now.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A bio I wrote for James Friedman's upcoming mix, Go Commando!:

While you can pick up a minimal techno 12’ inch with your latte to go in Berlin, and dine to a soundtrack of click house in Montreal, the US electronic music scene is far less overt. There may be a demand for the more mainstream, big-room jocks and bad Ibiza comps, but the strength of the remaining scenes are reliant on a series of dedicated individuals. They are the ones booking the acts, breaking the new records and keeping the enthusiasm up. It can be a thankless task, but one that can also reap the dividends of memorable performances and the satisfaction of discovering and debuting new talent.

James F!@$%^ Friedman is undoubtedly one of these individuals. He’s been a tireless supporter for all that is fresh, forward thinking, and inspired in electronic music - a fact that’s not exactly surprising, given his history and wide-ranging enthusiasm for all types of sounds. After playing in a few bands and getting interested in the mid-nineties Mo’ Wax sound, his proper introduction to dance music came through the DC rave circuit with then-legendary parties-- Buzz, Fever, and Bassrush, among others. His first experiences Djing found him mixing breakbeats and jungle, but his palate then expanded as he sought to educate himself further, buying records ranging from raw Detroit techno, various permutations of house, and all sorts of hip hop, funk, soul and reggae.

"This part of my musical development was really important to my Djing today," says James. "I really learned to appreciate disparate sounds and focused on combining and re-contextualizing them in an interesting way.”

His interest in rooting out new sounds also found him writing as a freelance journalist for publications such as the Fader, XLR8R, Vice, URB and the now-defunct Flyer, also working for !K7 records and later, as the US label manager for Trevor Jackson’s influential Output Recordings imprint.

In New York, James has hosted a series of influential parties that have increasingly grown to be known as stateside domiciles for the world’s left-of-center DJ talent. His long-running Refuse! Party at APT (with partner Ben “Dirty Dirty” Dietz) has brought over the likes of DJ Kaos, Juan Maclean, Dexter from The Avalanches, Matt Safer of The Rapture, Jackson, and Ewan Pearson, as well as Tiefschwarz, ATOC, Joakim from Tigersushi, Manchester legend Greg Wilson, Luke Vibert and Kompakt label boss Michael Mayer.

Through the recently established All Wrong night at the Tribeca Grand, James has emphasized bringing over live acts, and since its inception in early 2005, Annie and Tom Vek made their respective US debuts, with other performances from Cut Copy, Hot Chip, David Gilmour Girls and more.

In addition to this drive to help acts from around the world find a lively and receptive crowd in New York, James has grown into a truly eclectic, technically skilled DJ. On any given night, sounds run the gamut from punk-funk bass lines to spaced-out Italo disco, rock, and acid-tinged techno that could strip the polished veneer off of APT’s basement walls.

With this mix, James has assembled a series of his favorite tracks that represent where his head's at right now. Like his live performances, records are pulled from various styles and genres; The grating electro of Franz and Shape makes way for The Rapture/ HushHush’s melancholic pop schaffel mix of Who Made Who’s “Space For Rent,” while later, Tom Vek’s low-fi rock structures get re-fit by DJ Kaos and mixed into the cosmic, swirling arpeggios of Zombi’s “Sapphire.”

“Go Commando! is representative of what the sound is like at one of my parties, where I try to avoid the sort of too-cool exclusivity that makes nightclubs so repellent,” says James. "The music is upfront but eclectic, folding the sort of universal threads of pop and traditional rock instrumentation into a really "what's next" selection of beats. This is a collection of music that inspires me—I want to bring it to a wider audience, and continue to help unearth up-and-coming talent wherever it may be.”

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Spiritualized- The Ballad of Richie Lee

I think you have to be like 4 Clonapins and 6 Jamesons deep to really get this song. Whoa.
Kathy Smith- It's Taking So Long

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Switch- A Bit Patchy

Wow. Apologies for the lack of any substantive update on this blog. I've been insanely busy, but in a nice way.

Some highlights from the past 2 weeks:
Being able to mix minimal techno records on a really smooth, warm soundsystem at Table 50 last week.
Finally settling in to my new job
Having one of my recently discovered labels, London's Expanding Records, send me a nice cross section of their back catalogue
Wandering around in Nashville, albeit for a mere 10 hours, most of which spent in a boardroom
Open bar scotches at the Delta crown room in Nashville, while waiting for a severely delayed flight
Flavorpill's first installment of its ongoing party series at the Guggenheim museum. The next one will be Ryan Elliot and Matt Dear in early November.
Being able to play with my Labrador in North Carolina for the past few weekends, as well as see what a damned good rugby player by brother has become.
Interviewing one of my heroes, Gilles Peterson, for a forthcoming feature in REUP.

Now, I need a bit of time to listen to the teeter-tottering stack of amazing music that greets me in tan little bubble mailers every day.

Checking out Jamie Lidell's live set tomorrow, which should be amazing. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a feature I'm doing on the one-and-only Luke Vibert early next month in Time Out New York.

Hm. Loads more, but I really need to get out of the house. Been cooped up in this rain for far too long. Hope everyone that reads this around the world is doing very well. Pop a comment in and let me know what you are feeling musicwise (or anythingwise for that matter). I love hearing it, always.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Brother Devin.
Two amazing records I readily admit to sleeping on when they first came out.

Eliot Lipp- S/T
Efterklang- Tripper

Go check them out at the Itunes store- you'll see what I mean.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Mr. Ewan Pearson walks us through each track on his new Soma mix right here. Totally worth picking up.

Also really feeling: Apparat - Silizium EP and Modeselektor - Boomkat Selected Mixtapes Volume 4 (thanks for ze tips Mary Ann)

Omega One- The Lo-Fi Chronicles (Nature Sounds) (Thanks Brock)
Jan Jelinek- Kosmicher (~scape)
I like it Vol 2 (Compost)
Alex Under - Dispositivos De Mi Granja (Trapez)
Murcof- Memoria (Leaf)

This track is bidonk:

T. Raumschmiere- Knisterpop

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Keep your eyes peeled for James Friedman's new mix- Go Commando. Should be promo'in relatively soon, and then set for a full release in Dec. Top notch mix- he really crossed a lot of musical ground and it stands the test of several repeat listens.

The Black Dice- Smiling Off (Luomo Mix) (thx Joe!)

Kelly Polar- Vocalise (From Here To Polarity)
buy this LP when it comes out. its called Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens, and its absolutely stunning.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well hello there, dear readers.

I'm going to be playing some records at this new bi-weekly on Monday. It's at table 50, which is quite a nice space (with reeeally good sound) on broadway and bleeker. Normally its heaving with the coke-paranoid ibankers/ bottle service massive, but not tonight friends, not tonight.

Perhaps you will stop by for a drink?

Other DJs are Roy Dank, who is my one of my fav's in the city and Sheal, who's responsible for such debauched nights as The Look, and Visions of the Impending Apocalypse. However, we will not be letting Merlin (the dark wizard of hipster pedophilia), or Mark Cobrasnake into the door.

Mum's the word.

The vibe? no pretentions, and fucking amazing music that you may not have heard before. plus, cheap drinks to serve as the catalyst for a sloppy leftfield disco party with captain roy dank navigating the perilous waters of monday night parties with skill and aplomb.

in any case, i may know you, i may not. stop by and say hello regardless. it should be a fun time indeed. holler at yr boy if you're going to come.

$3 well and beer from 10-12
$4 red stripe all night
$3 shots!

Roy Dank (Pop Your Funk)
Colin Nagy (Flavorpill)
Sheal (Maxi-Mal)
Josh Marshall is back to doing what he does best. Rooting out the spongy marrow of a story that the mainstream media may have passed over. I took a break from his blog during the time where he focused on Social Security 24/7, but now he's back in the mix of thngs. Required reading about Plame, Delay and general hill chatter.

Speaking of required reading re: Plame/ Judy Miller etc. I have a feeling that she wasn't trying to protect ol' Scooter at all, but another, yet-unknown source that she would have been asked about if called to testify. Read this WaPo summary and I think you'll come to the same conclusion.

While reading the NYT coverage from Friday, I initially thought "oh, i must be missing something," so its reassuring to see that media pundits, reporters, and bloggers I hold in high regard are saying the same thing. There is a big piece of this puzzle that hasn't yet been found.

Saturday, October 01, 2005