Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Thoughts on the new Boards of Canada record- The Campfire Headphase:

Astute readers will recognize the name of this blog as being a track from Geogaddi...needless to say BOC are quite important to me.

I think the new record is much more Twoism than Geogaddi, and I'm really enjoying it. Its considerably less dark than their previous effort, but all the typical Boards characteristics -- melody, texture, and painstakingly detailed beats that still sound jiggy -- remain. My initial favorites are Dayvan Cowboy (shoegazey!) and Peacock Tail. More thoughts to come as I take more of it in.

In the meantime- I think this is one of the finest tracks they've ever done. Enjoy...

Boards of Canada- Everything you Do is a Balloon
Slightly infuriated by this RFK Jr. point from the Huffington post. Such moral grandstanding in a time of domestic natural disaster sets his cause back, if anything. Everyone hates the Monday morning quarterback, and however legitimate his point, its completely inappropriate to be bringing this fact up now. Same goes for Sydney Blumenthals political opportunism in this piece-- "Its not like they didnt see it coming."

Its like some asshole sitting on the curb, eating an apple, and watching you take a serious spill on your skateboard. When you get up and dust yourself off, the first comment is "You shouldn't have tried that, man."

I'd like to think we're better than this.

Even Ol' Rush's naming the hurricane after Editor-In-Chief of the Nation, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, seems childish by comparison.
Click here to stream a really great dub mix from Richard Fearless, courtesy of the folks at Dirty.

Tracklisting :
01. big joe 'in the ghetto'
02. scientific dub scientist 'just say dub'
03. the seducer dub wise 'bedtime rock channel one'
04. dual tone 'dub radiation'
05. header #2 'music a fe rule pt 2'
06. mango 'da=rive'
07. M05
08. dr suess 'green egg and smack'
09. big youth 'screaming target version 2'
10. burning spear 'mister garvey'
11. dr alimentado 'gimmie mi gun'
12. hopetown lewis 'sounds + pressure'
13. jackie mitoo 'disco jack'
14. booker t 'down pressure'
15. augustos 'east of the river nile'
Philip Sherburne, after a bit of a hiatus on his blog, comes back in fine form with his latest Pitchfork installment.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Boom Bip-Do's and Don'ts feat Gruff Rhys
An interesting article on the BBC about something I hadn't considered: Soviet soldiers that stayed in Afghanistan and converted to Islam.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Sigur Ros- Glósóli
(From the forthcoming album, Takk)

Kohnche Heimermann-Albatros
(From Kompakt Speicher 31)
Interview w/ Wiley over at Pitchfork. Check it.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


A Matthew Jonson mix on this week's Breezeblock.

Also, it looks like my boy Will Saul is blowing up, as there's a very prominent review of his new record, Space Between, all over the BBC websites. Top DJ, top producer, and a really nice guy.

Other stuff:

- Kompakt's excellent Total 6 on vinyl available at Neptune records.

Superpitcher (DJ)
Ada (Live)
Metope (Live)
Thurs-Oct 13 - Chicago, IL
Fri-Oct 14 - San Francisco, CA
Sat-Oct 15 - Portland, OR
Mon-Oct 17 - Seattle, WA
Wed-Oct 19 - New York, NY
Thurs-Oct 20 - Detroit, MI
Fri-Oct 21 - Montreal, QC
Sat-Oct 22 - Quebec City, QC (w/Akufen)

-A really good, new electronic music blog featuring some music journo heavyweights over at House Is A Feeling.

A reminder! This amazing, innovative music needs to be heard by as large an audience as possible. Lets fight the good fight to help this along, and not keep it an elitist, esoteric circlejerking nerdfest a la "Triple R gave me this one-off CDR bootleg remix of Ada at an underground club in Cologne and I was chatting to Richie at this after and he tipped me off on this new dubby Sleeparchive remix of this one Norwegian laptopper." Things like Philip Sherburne's recent piece in Slate accomplish the right objective, I think. Tipping off a wider, more general audience on this year's must-hear electronic albums and mixes.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Been hearing some chatter about a new Rex the Dog mix of Mylo. Can anyone hook it up?!
A long lost Arthur Russell interview on ILM

Friday, August 19, 2005


A quick one before I head off to el aeropuerto to my undisclosed location...Tons of buzz around this one (and for the release of Total 6 in general). Buy it when it comes out.

Baxendale- I Built This City / Michael Mayer Mix

5:11 in...*$%(*&(%&*(%P) WTF! Also, its funny to imagine Tony Blair performing the vocals for this track live, Karl Hyde of Underworld stylee. Esp. the falsetto part at the end.

The MFA- The Difference it Makes

Most people know this for the unbelievably good Superpitcher mix, but the original is damn fine, as well.

Radiohead- Treefingers

Such a lovely track that was largely overlooked on Kid A.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Been in quite a mood lately, but I'm starting to snap out of it. Very very excited to hear good initial reviews coming from the new Sigur Ros album. If I had to list my favorite bands, they are certainly up there with the likes of BOC, Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, so on and so forth. More news on that over here.

Off to check out the Degeneration night over at scenic, Tommie Sunshines semi-newish weekly. Expect a full report upon my return.

Also, I know I don't give a tremendous amount of background (a la Fluxblog and other mp3 sites) to some of the tracks I post on this blog. Just trust me. They're worth your time. Can't stop listening to that Red Astaire rub of Marvin Gaye. So unbelievably melancholic in some of the new, perfectly sparse, instrumentals, yet uplifting at the same time. Wow. Put this on a mixtape for your ladyfriend.

Also, read the Clinton piece in NY Magazine this week. Also v. worth your time.

Red Astaire- Marvin's Groove
Spirtualized- Lay Back in the Sun

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Underworld- Dirty Epic

I have nothing of substance to say lately, but this track never fails me.

Whomadewho- Out the Door

The Exposures- Das Freundliche Rocksichord
Max Mohr- Old Song

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Last night, I attended the listening party for the new Boards of Canada record, The Campfire Headphase.It was kinda hard to actually hear anything over the din of conversation, but I can confirm that one of the tracks absolutely, positively blew my mind. The other tracks were trademark early Boards from what I could tell, but I couldn't really dig too deeply into the layers of melody. More on this when I can score an advance copy and have a listen on good headphones.

Some information from Pitchfork here.

Complete Tracklisting:
01 Into the Rainbow Vein
02 Chromakey Dreamcoat
03 Satellite Anthem Icarus
04 Peacock Tail
05 Dayvan Cowboy
06 A Moment of Clarity
07 '84 Pontiac Dream
08 Sherbert Head
09 Oscar See Through Red Eye
10 Ataronchronon
11 Hey Saturday Sun
12 Constants Are Changing
13 Slow This Bird Down
14 Tears From the Compound Eye
15 Farewell Fire

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I managed to slip this one in as a lil late night curveball at Misshapes few months ago. Yes, its a vampy cover of Kylies' Slow, complete with grumbling synthesizer basslines, and nuggets of latin percussion that sounds like someone made the sangria with robutussin. mmmm.

M.Mayer/ M.Aguayo- Slow

Also, Matthew @ Fluxblog has a new Robyn track up, following the beauty and introspection of "Konichiwa Bitches." Check it out here.

Circle Square (not to be confused with Circle and Square) are one of my favorite bands periodo. Their Distance After Ep on Output is a work of shoegazed-out bliss, and I can't stop listening to their Pre-Earthquake Anthems LP. Check out Fight Sounds, which is supposed to be coming out as an EP in the not-too-distant future. Not sure what label au moment.

Circle Square- Fight Sounds

Also, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I overlooked this Rex the Dog track. Wow. RAVE anthem if I've ever heard one. Listen to that drop at 4:10. Gentle Jesus!

Rex the Dog- I look into mid air

Friday, August 05, 2005

Banksy strikes again, this time at the West Bank barrier wall.

The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows

I do know that I'm going to be a wreck tomorrow at work. Yikes. Why do you lead me to a path of delinquency, dear techno? Why must you keep me out until all hours of the night. I love you, still, but my brain will feel like a glass bowl of sand dollars tomorrow. must sleep now

For James:
Ada-Cool My Fire (erlend oye and band remix)

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Had to really focus to read this. So true though.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

DJ Koze- Dangernugget

Quite a track on his new album, Kosi comes around, forthcoming on Kompakt. He's released another record lately under his Adolf Noize, but this album is the Koze you know and love (or should!)- Brutalga square and all. Tip!