Wednesday, February 25, 2004

CD REVIEW: Ellen Allien, Remix Collection
Bpitch Control
Released January 2004
$18.99 (Other Music)

After her acclaimed Berlinette LP, restless Bpitch Control label boss Ellen Allien here assembles a few years' worth of remixes. The highlight is her mix of Sascha Funke's "Forms and Shapes" — over lagging, electro-tinged breakbeats, a resonant synthesizer line from the original mix lingers alongside Funke's vocals before a distorted bass line takes the tune up three notches. "Let's Get It On" rides an off-kilter, almost two-steppy beat, with Allien's crunchy synths leading to Gold Chains' sassy, in-your-face flow. Goldenboy and Miss Kittin's "Rippin Kittin" tips the hat to the Misfits' "Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?" and touches it up with glimmering hi-hats. By mixing pop, minimal techno, electro, and breakbeats with her singular subtlety, Allien's made Remix Collection a varied, addictive listen that always engages cerebrally but remains aimed at informed dance floors. (CJN)

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