Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Putsch 79
forthcoming on

I tried to find this record in every shop on and around Berwick street in London a few months back, only to fail miserably and end up spending too much cash on nerdy minimal house records. This friends, is quite the opposite--a stellar helping of the synthy 4/4 squigglefunk from Sami Liuski (Bankok Impact) and Pauli Jylhankangas. The sound? Think Detroit techno and electro coupled with rubb'ry basslines from the finest days of NYC disco with a dash of Chicago house. Highlights? Confession is an excellent overview as to the talent of these two while Asian Girls is pure dancefloor hedonism--string stabs and all. Man Enough is more restrained while still retaining the underlying absurdity that makes Putsch better than most of the other disco-derivitive releases out there. The original pressing was quickly snatched up out of my reach and championed across the board, from Tiga and Tiefschwarz, to Richard Dorfmeister all the way down to Sven Vath, oddly enough. If you liked Mr. Vibert’s Kerrier District LP and the recent re-release of the Black Devil Disco club 12’ on Rephlex, you’ll be all about this.

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