Monday, June 07, 2004

Wagon Christ
I’m Sorry I Make You Lush

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In the past year, ever-prolific Luke Vibert has released the 303-reverent YosepH, disco oddity Kerrier District, and straight-up drum 'n bass as Amen Andrews. He now returns to a pseudonym from the Mo' Wax and Ninja days, Wagon Christ. I'm Sorry I Make You Lush uses breakbeats and hip-hop structures to support an array of the most varied and absurd synthesizer and organ tones of the past few years, illustrating the great variety in Vibert's production talents. He even samples C-3PO's spiel from Star Tours and gets away with it (at least until the lawyers read this review). In fact, the snippet serves as a good summary of the record: playful, nostalgic, and unafraid to embrace a few tried and true clichés. (CJN)

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