Monday, August 16, 2004

Konsepshun w/ DJ Craze

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Though sweaty ravers yelling "Rewind!" have become increasingly rare in the city as drum 'n bass plays second fiddle to house and hip-hop, the music is undoubtedly thriving in the global scene. That three-time DMC world champion DJ Craze chooses to apply his jaw dropping deck skills to d 'n b, slicing and splicing frantic polyrhythms in lieu of the hip-hop his contemporaries generally focus on, is a testament to the genre's vitality. Also on hand tonight is one of the scene's legends, Jmajik, who's gained widespread notoriety for his house- and jazz-inspired productions as well as his technical ability. Support comes from an NYC breakbeat legend in his own right, DB, as well as some local talent. (CJN)

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