Monday, September 06, 2004

Cobra Killer

Claiming to be a reaction against dull early electro stage shows, the fact that Cobra Killer’s debut came on Alec Empire’s Digital Hardcore imprint comes as no surprise. Their third record blends 60’s pop/rock structures bolstered by filthy synths, samples and an exuberant live presence. But it's not all lo-fi screams and over-the-top electro posturing, the duo’s longtime presence in the scene stems from a high level of musicianship (both girls played in bands from age 12) and an ear for subversive pop hooks. In addition, collaborations from the likes of T. Raumschmiere on the growling opening track “Lets Have a Problem” and Thomas Fehlman on the comparitively restrained “High is The Pine” add some highbrow cred to an already excellent record.

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