Sunday, September 05, 2004

Run With Me
BPitch Control

A version to appear on

Kiki’s debut LP for BPitch is a study in contradiction, where dubby hi-hats and detroit-inspired melodies find equal footing with swollen, cinematic strings and organic drum tones. Inspired by the sound he searched for in his high school band days, “The End of The World” is Sisters of Mercy-styled goth, anchored by overdriven, grating synths and a drum pattern more suited to an arena rock track circa 1980—all the while making perfect sense on a 2004 dancefloor. "On the 104th Day" adds variety in tempo with a tape loop jazz break while the album’s highlight, “Luv Sikk Again” finds echoing timpanis and urgent string stabs sharing space with burbling synths, neatly wrapped in a 4/4 package. (CJN)

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