Tuesday, April 26, 2005

been revisiting the absolutely brilliant super_collider record lately. it was far, far ahead of its time, and i hope people will get on it.
an excerpt from my friend aaron rietz' prefixmag.com review:

Opener "Messagesacomin" is the sound of an otherworldly elastic dance floor, stretching and confounding space-time. A sci-fi feel, but less Max Rebo Band and more a robo-funk Prince promising things about 1999, if you get my angle. The sonic minutia is astounding, similar to the last few Autechre records as a bar-by-bar evolving beast. It conjures up images of a giant swirling android floating among the wrecked and twisted debris of an urban dystopia. Gears a-whir, "Messagesacomin" picks among the surrounding trash, dull and shiny bits alike, while hovering about, processing the pieces, shooting them back at random. The whole thing coalesces into a maddeningly ephemeral rhythm. You want to dance, but to do so properly would only be to flail about and stutter. This is music to have a seizure to.

also, be sure to check super_collider TV, which is a series of short videos set to the music that influenced the record- from ESG to Del Shannon Ennio Morricone.

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