Sunday, April 24, 2005

hi to everyone visiting from sarah's blog. i hope you find something you like.

on to the music:

super_collider- messagescomin'
in anticipation of jamie lidell's new LP on warp, here's a taste of his earlier project with christian vogel. absolutely warped electofunk with soulful vocals.

****as an added bonus, check out this live video of lidell performing in london! jawdropping stuff.

joy division- love will tear us apart (squarepusher cover)
stumbled upon this the other day, and its fucking sublime. thankfully, squarepusher didnt decide to get all syncopated on us, and stayed fairly true to the original.

akufen- skidoos
my favorite track from montreal microhouse producer akufen's debut, my way. this is much more on the ambient house tip, and doesn't get too glitched out. a beautiful track

superpitcher- lover's rock

one of the best electronic producers at the moment, hands down. though he's known for his remixes (most recently of m83), this track comes off of his debut, here comes love. best described as melancholic pop polished to a sheen.

deadbeat- port-au-prince
another one from the montreal scene, most of deadbeat's productions can be best decribed as dub techno, in the vein of pole. this is off his to-be-released new world observer LP.

bollywood freaks-she rocks my prada, i dior her chanel.
a one-off cut they did for a collette compilation CD.
once, just once, do i want to hear this played on a new york city dancefloor. then i will die happy


Anonymous said...

The zipfile for the Bollywood Freaks song doesn't seem to be working.

Anonymous said...

Whoops... nevermind.