Wednesday, April 20, 2005

been awhile since any sort of actual update.
how about a session of feeling/ really feeling/ a la blissblog?

really feeling:
platinum pied pipers- triple p
silouette brown- self titled
colleen- the golden morning breaks (wow!)
fannypack- see you next tuesday
ellen allien- thrills
dedbeat- new world observer (wow!)
alex smoke- incommunicado
jaga- what we must
solvent- elevators and oscillators
markus guentner-1981 (wow!)
the glimmers- dj kicks
ellen allien- thrills

feeling- death in vegas- satans circus (have a feeling its a grower)
monika force comp
max hecker- lady sleep

lady sov- random
jamie lidell- multiply
maps (ada cover of the yyy's)
beck-broken drum- boc remix.

stay tuned for an mp3 blog in collaboration with nate cunningham.

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