Thursday, April 21, 2005

a little mix for april.
email me if you'd like a copy

No G.D.M. / Gina X
Trans Europe Express/ Kraftwerk
Pendulum / Broadcast
That's The Way I Like It/Pixeltan
And Many More /John Tejada
Rise /Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom
To My Song /Captain Comatose
Got It Twisted Sister (The Rapture Vs. Mobb Deep)/Dopplebanger
Do They Owe Us A Living? (Crass)/The Soft Pink Truth
Ghost Rider/Suicide
Vitalic/ Fanfares
My Red Hot Car / Squarepusher
Hi-Jacked /Markus Guentner
Dexter/Ricardo villalobos
Love Will Tear Us Apart/Joy Division (Squarepusher cover)
Maps / Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Ada cover)

1 comment:

Afrofuturist said...

Great mix! I love the Soft Pink Truth.