Thursday, April 28, 2005


This is one of the best things I've come across in awhile.
A choice excerpt between Richie guys Hawtin, Magda, and Ricardo Villalobos. Apologies for the ridiculously esoteric minimal techno nerdiness.
Download a nice mix from the guy responsible for the site here...

Richie: Magda, when I found you I told you that I would be the wise one and you would be the grasshopper?
Magda: Yeah Richie I remember that and if I should forget, you remind me of it every day!
Richie: Well its about 3pm Magda and its time for a cup of tea! Can you put the Philip Stark designer kettle on please?
Magda: PG Tips?
Richie: PG Fucking tips? Im Richie Hawtin! I don't drink PG fucking Tips! Get me a cup of that Lapsang Souching and make it snappy grasshopper!
Magda: One day you're gonna be sorry for this Richie
Richie: Do I have to remind you that Miss Freaking Dinky is after a room in a trendy central Berlin duplex??
Magda: I'll put the kettle on.
Richie: Make sure its a minimal cup grasshopper.
Ricardo: Did someone say minimal?
Richie: Hey Ricardo!
Magda: Hey Ricardo!


Anonymous said...

richie hawtin is geeky??

fuck that, some of my best memories are from dancing to plastikman in the 90s.


cjn said...

nei girl
you got me all wrong
i mean its geeky, because people that listen to amazing music like ricardo villalobos and richie and magda are outside of the kaiser chiefs bs mainstream here in nyc. its not geeky at all, but i just thought this post was really esoteric and would only apply to people who really care. :)