Sunday, May 01, 2005

a fairly random smattering of tunes for you this fine sunday in new york.

the smashing pumpkins- ugly
i dont think siamese dream and mellon collie left my cd changer for the duration of high school. this is a b-side from the 1979 single, but an a-side for many lesser bands.
spacemen 3- walkin with jesus
this is one of my favorite spacemen 3 tunes, from the forged prescriptions LP (which has a lot more studio trickery then the comparitively stripped-down perfect prescription). Described by pitchfork as "the anthem of a Polyphonic Spree crossed with Heaven's Gate."
quarks- i walk (superpitcher schaffel mix)
this came to my attention from one of colette's excellent comps. a nice little rock and roll swagger, with superpitchers glam schaffel beat chugging along underneath.
kaos- lessons in love feat. erland oye
cant get enough of this track. erland (from kings of convenience) has been collaborating with lots of electronic producers, from royksopp to phonique, etc. check out his dj kicks mix if you haven't yet.

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