Sunday, May 15, 2005


Check in with Tim Sweeney over at Beats In Space. His recent mix included the new DFA mix of NIN's "The Hand That Feeds," as well as a new Juan Mclean tune, "Dance With Me." All of the mixes are included in streaming format, as well as mp3's, so you can throw some on the pod. My favorite all-time BIS mixes are the Avalanches DJ set, James Murphy's mix, as well as Paul Psychonaut's dark pop-electro mix. Check the archives for 'em.

Speaking of the Psychonauts- the Highfish and Zander remix of "World Keeps Turning," is included in Superpitcher's excellent new mix out on Kompakt, Today.The selections are decidedly warm, minimal and cerebral...perfect for a 1 am walk around Manhattan on a summer evening (which is when I checked it last night). Also, some goodies in the post box this past week have included the fantastic Kitsune X compilation, the new bugged out! mix by Damian Lazarus, the debut LP of breaks don Will Saul, and the new Oxford Collapse LP. Still working through a lot of other stuff, so more on my new discoveries later.

Also, finally got a proper chance to listen to the Optimo Psyche Out mix, and it is absolutely fantastic. These two are on top of things at the moment. another highlight from the weekend would have to be my first dedicated listen to Arthur Russell's World of Echo, something that I really slept on in lieu of Calling Out of Context and World of... Truly amazing stuff.

Hm. What else? I'm reading Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis, a book that was in our family bookcase throughout my childhood (next to Lee Ioccocca, and A Bright Shining Lie). Its about a bond trader at Solomon Brothers in the mid-eighties, which tells you about all you need to know. Really enjoyable thusfar. Also close to finishing The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman, and House of Lies by Martin Kihn.

Wow, I think that's my first proper blog post. Normally things are quite a bit more disjointed and ADD, for which I apologize.

Having trouble with the Idisk, so some tracks to come later.

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