Monday, May 09, 2005

I love this ILM thread: Top 100 tearjerking techno. Or this one: Micro-Goth My fav gothy microhouse tunes: Dettinger "Tottentanz," "Phantom/Ghost - Perfect Lovers (Tobias Thomas/Superpitcher Unperfect Love Mix)," and Konrad Black's stuff on 240 volts. Also, picked up a good tip about my favorite electronic record last year, Pantha Du Prince, Diamond Daze. Evidently the man responsible has (another) psuedonym, and has put out a record called gl├╝hen 4 - das schweigen der sirenen: liquid identity fluid. Going to track this down asap.
In other news, still digesting Markus Guentner's In Moll, as well as the first Super_Collider LP. Really vibing on this 4 Women no cry comp, but more on that later.

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