Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jamie Lidell- A Little Bit More

I posted the single "Multiply" from the Jamie Lidell's new record on Warp last week. Here's something else to stave off your appetite until the full album drops in June.


Anonymous said...


thank you for bringing Jamie Lidell to my attention!

oh. and i think, i've tried to leave a comment in your blog before, but i don't think i was able to... have you just opened up your blog for anonymous comments? (or maybe i was drunk, temporarily brain-dead or something.. i wouldn't put it past me.)


cjn said...

opened the comments up for business recently :)

which kat is this?


Anonymous said...

kat = katrin,
but you don't know me. i don't even really know what all this blogging community business is about.

nonetheless, colin, your allowing comments and your blog efforts are much appreciated by me...

oh and the jamie lidell live vid is all sorts of cool. thanks for the heads up.