Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I know I don't give you guys a lot of background with tracks sometimes, but if I post here I'm really feeling it. Today, I have a Solvent track which can be best described as dark, vocoded electro pop. It's on my Itunes most frequently played, and I figured that's a probably a good sign. Also, my friend Lauren Flax sent me all of the Aphex Twin Analord tracks (which are vinyl only) in mp3 format, allowing for a much more convenient listen on the train. You can bring your handytrax everywhere, ya know. Sadly, I don't have a track name, so it will remain a mystery for now. Drop me a line if you know it.

Solvent- Think Like Us (Solvent vs. Lowfish mix)
Aphex Twin- Analord track 09

and lest you think all I listen to is electronic music, here's a lovely acoustic guitar tune:

John Fahey- Wine and Roses

I have to clean out my Idisk soon, so if you want to take a look at everything I've posted for the past few weeks click here.What's that? You've created a Devil in the Details playlist on your Ipod? Thats sweet of you.

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