Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Three pretty heady, headphone tracks for you tonight. One is I.A. Bericoher's Uno, on the M-nus Minimize to Maximize compilation, the other is from Thomas Fehlman's new record, Lowflow, which is worth picking up if you haven't yet heard it. Finally, a Aphex Twin Classic that Michael Goodstein dropped for the drunks at Misshapes a few weeks ago (and subsequently made me flip on the dancefloor, as it was slighly unexpected).

I.A. Bericoher- Uno
Thomas Fehlman- Hana
Aphex Twin-Windowlicker

Also, almost forgot to mention- be sure to check out Mr. Fehlman's Ocean Club radio show here.

Aie, sorry guys- couldn't resist some DJ Screw:
R. Kelly- Feelin on your Booty (Screwed & Chopped)

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Steve said...

Fehlmna. One of my records of the year. Good looking out.