Friday, July 01, 2005


Kid's got stellar taste, and the most encyclopedic knowledge of anyone I know.

From: colin nagy
To: Nate Cunningham
Sent: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 12:57:40 -0400


Really into the 13th floor elevators right now. What can you recommend in terms of drum heavy psych rock. I know a bit of the electric prunes (just cos they've been sampled by fuckin everyone) but I'd like to explore a bit more.

From: Nate Cunningham
Subject: Re:
Date: July 1, 2005 4:16:55 PM EDT
To: colin nagy

drum heavy, or even just heavy, psych rock isn't really my thing. EVERYONE talks about flower travellin' band, though, especially the album satori--krauty japanese psych from the early 70s. i think the self-titled morgen album is pretty great, new york 1968. i'll dropload a couple tracks from that and you can decide. les rallizes denudes, what i've heard has been incredible, more japanese stuff, probably a bit rawer than the flower travellin' band, but just great rhythmic, melted shit. i think the cdr i have is called enter the mirror or something like that, but i have no idea what's supposed to be the best. i assume you're more than familiar with can, but if you don't know their first record monster movie, you should check out the remaster of that. there's also soundtracks, which is mostly more chilled out but mother sky is fifteen minutes of skeletal hard-psych bliss. psychedelic underground opens with a fifteen minute track that to me is as good as anything, but some find the simple riffs and just the whole communal chanting business tedious. in general, this record is pretty percussive--but it's hippies with bongos rather than some wizard on a kit--nothing anyone would sample. amon duul ii is a proper band though and yeti and wolf city are both basically perfect albums--i guess they're prog, but i'm sort of afraid of prog and these records do not meander around too much or lose their momentum.


p.s. i should have in a couple weeks the first few albums of this band cymande, which is like a mix of reggae and funk. maybe that sounds awful, but on one track i've heard they get into a minimal groove that you'd swear is like liquid liquid or some other james murphy fetish--complete with cowbell--in like 1970! i'll pass it along when it comes

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