Monday, July 11, 2005

Superpitcher Preview
July 26th, Cielo
A version to appear in Time Out New York

Though he may have gained stateside notoriety for embracing the glam rock inspired schaffel sound, Superpitcher stands at one the brightest feathers in the Kompakt cap for more than just odd time signatures. In addition to his debut LP, Here Comes Love, and a series of 12’ releases, the remix discography looks like a who’s who of minimal techno and beyond. His latest mix CD, Today, showcases his nuanced DJing style, which avoids any big-room barnstormer clich├ęs, focusing instead on sequence, cerebral micro house textures, and tension. The mix mirrors the warm, emotive pads and swollen strings – as well as the melancholic theatrics – that Superpitcher embraces in his sets, proving that sunshine and Goths can co-exist, after all.

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