Sunday, August 21, 2005


A Matthew Jonson mix on this week's Breezeblock.

Also, it looks like my boy Will Saul is blowing up, as there's a very prominent review of his new record, Space Between, all over the BBC websites. Top DJ, top producer, and a really nice guy.

Other stuff:

- Kompakt's excellent Total 6 on vinyl available at Neptune records.

Superpitcher (DJ)
Ada (Live)
Metope (Live)
Thurs-Oct 13 - Chicago, IL
Fri-Oct 14 - San Francisco, CA
Sat-Oct 15 - Portland, OR
Mon-Oct 17 - Seattle, WA
Wed-Oct 19 - New York, NY
Thurs-Oct 20 - Detroit, MI
Fri-Oct 21 - Montreal, QC
Sat-Oct 22 - Quebec City, QC (w/Akufen)

-A really good, new electronic music blog featuring some music journo heavyweights over at House Is A Feeling.

A reminder! This amazing, innovative music needs to be heard by as large an audience as possible. Lets fight the good fight to help this along, and not keep it an elitist, esoteric circlejerking nerdfest a la "Triple R gave me this one-off CDR bootleg remix of Ada at an underground club in Cologne and I was chatting to Richie at this after and he tipped me off on this new dubby Sleeparchive remix of this one Norwegian laptopper." Things like Philip Sherburne's recent piece in Slate accomplish the right objective, I think. Tipping off a wider, more general audience on this year's must-hear electronic albums and mixes.


rajeev said...

why do these parties always to need happen in NYC on weekdays?! kompakt vs. areal on a WEDNESDAY, and i'm sure superpitcher won't go on till after midnight. it's half-tempting to head up to quebec to see them on a saturday, especially with akufen also on that bill.

cjn said...

I'm seriously pondering popping up to montreal for this. better crowds, as well.

im so sick of techno being midweek in nyc. it makes it pretty much impossible for me to go...