Sunday, September 18, 2005


Tom Vek's second US show at the Tribeca Grand last night was quite a success. The sound was fantastic, the band was incredibly tight, and the audience was feeling it. I was a bit concerned initially that the transition from a record he made completely by himself to live would be a problem, but it looks like any kinks have been ironed out. Highlights from the gig: "I ain't sayin my goodbyes", as well as "nothing but green lights." Also, it was really nice to see so many friends at the show. Such a nice time. After Vek, Josh and Dave dropped some tracks (Mandarine Girl by Booka shade and I Feel Space- both hyped by this blogga), and then Mylo went on. Having missed Miami, I hadn't seen him perform, but was pleasantly surprised. A really anthemic, synthy bleepy sound that had everyones hands in the air. Fantastic stuff.

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Andrea said...

Your band is incredibly tight, gurl.