Saturday, October 29, 2005

Here's a little piece on the new Ewan Pearson mix from this week's Earplug. Go subscribe- its free.

Ewan Pearson
Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. Volume 01
October 3

From the look of some recent mix CDs, it would seem that you can't find a Nathan Fake or Wighnomy Brothers 12-inch in all of Europe, now that the Kompakt bins have been plucked bare by ravaging hordes. With all due respect to those producers, isn't the point of a truly good mix CD to break unheard sounds? That's just what Ewan Pearson has done here, scouring smaller labels and lesser-known producers to great effect. Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. spans from Joakim's wobbly, playful, Balearic mix of Clashing Egos to the raw, live drums of Riton's Brazilian Girls mix and the dark, proggy monster — complete with creepy guitar breakdown — that is Dirk Technic's "I Love You." The only thing semi-familiar is Random Factor's stellar (and yet-unreleased) reworking of Villalobos' "Easy Lee," making the album a well-curated selection of record-store gems — the kind employees stash away for themselves and their favorite DJs. (CJN)

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