Monday, November 21, 2005


Sorry I've been neglecting this little digit pulpit. I'll be better, promise.

Frequent readers of this blog will note that I normally write about electronic music. This is partially due to the fact that, for the past year or so, I've been quite disinfranchised with Rock and Roll, and just can't get excited about half of the bands the kids in tight jeans are hollering about (The Kills being the notable exception).

However, I'm gradually getting excited. The Long Blondes grabbed my attention, as did Art Brut, and now, two bands you need to know about:

Love is All (On the ever-impressive Whats your Rupture? imprint responsible for the Long Blondes)

Love is All- Make Out Fall Out Make Up

Also, this band called The Big Sleep. Tight, fast psych-pop with lovely vocals. I'm super excited about this band. Here's a cut. Go see them on Dec 2 at Fat Baby in the LES.

The Big Sleep- Murder

And for those of you looking for ze Techno music, perhaps this amazingly good 25 min. mix from Philip Sherburne will satiate you. Bonus points and eternal adoration if you can tell me what the hell the first cut is. Sounds like Luciano, but I don't know where/ what/ when.

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