Thursday, November 03, 2005

Who Made Who (self titled)
October 2005

While recent takes on Benny Benassi's campy electro hit "Satisfaction" and Mr. Oizo's lovable/goofy "Flat Beat" approach novelty, Danish trio Who Made Who's debut proves their talent runs deeper than cheeky party covers. On their self-titled album, melodic punk-funk and disco are played live in the style of !!!, with the emphasis on tight pop arrangements rather than stoned-out jams. Given the AC/DC-inspired name, it seems fitting that musical points of reference are unabashedly deliberate: album opener "Roses" nods to Liquid Liquid with an oscillating bass line and intricate percussion, while "Johnny Lucky" appropriates the art-school swagger of the Talking Heads and stripped-down funk of ESG. "Space for Rent" breaks out of the traditional mold, mounting an Old-West style bass line over a modified schaffel beat with filtered, falsetto vocals, further solidifying Who Made Who as the thinking man's party band. (CJN)

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