Sunday, January 15, 2006


I opened a large box sitting in a closet thats been sealed for just over a year. Inside were hundreds of promos which I hastily threw in during the course of a move. Now, on a Sunday afternoon with no super pressing engagements, its quite nice to dig though and have a listen. Here are some of the things I'm enjoying the most:

Ricardo Villalobos- Thé Au Harem D'Archimède
Fabrice Lig- My 4 Stars
Gudrun Gut presents the Ocean Club
Hand on the Plow- Lies (CDR)
Spiritualized- The Complete Works Volume 2
Ellen Allien- My Parade
Murcof- Utopia (remixed)

Here's a stunning track from the Murcof remix CD:
Murcof- Ulysses (Fax mix)

Also, keep your eyes out for my review of Judith Juillerat's Soliloquy in the next installment of Earplug.

In other news, I'm incredibly impressed with Current TV (Gore's new network). In the course of the past hour, I've i just watched a great documentary on FARC in Colombia, a feature on Futura 2000, and a series of short features from contributors called pods. Well worth checking out asap...

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