Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Thanks to my brother for scoping this ridiculously good song out:

Heiko Voss- Running Free

He was listening to the Superpitcher Beats in Space mix on repeat, and said that he was addicted to the last song. I had a listen, and I thought it was some sort of catchy obscurity-- a dusty record shop find, to be sure. Alas, its Heiko Voss, also responsible for this cut, which is high up there on my personal favorites:

Heiko Voss- I Think About You (Original Mix)

Here's a little writeup on his LP from the nice people at Forced Exposure:

This is Cologne-based Heiko Voss' debut album whose childhood influences include: the Elmi-Radio-Show, die Ärzte, Falco, punk rock, Iron Maiden, Prince, Michael Jackson and the Pixies. Including a lot of techno, Heiko's musical perception can be seen as a walk-in wardrobe with many drawers, all of them half open and ready to be of service to him. Two Sides starts with talking a lot of crap and with that, he paves the way for the following 19 tracks to break through these borders while pushing everyday clichés regardless of morals or scruples. Heiko Voss harkens back to a time when FM Gold ruled the airwaves. When easy-going melodies slouched through your radio, skulking to a loose beat and singing with aplomb. While updated with digital detail, Two Sides could well be an update of Steely Dan's Aja or an album's worth of Boz Scaggs reworks. It's right there in that swinging backbeat and that mellow gold bassline. Except instead of the cocaine-dusted studio decks of 1970s L.A., we have the vegan-clean laptops of 2005's Köln. It's all super-cool and done with sang-froid, so lean that seat back and dial into the new sound of strut, because Mr. Voss is in the booth.

Pick it up here, or at the Kompakt Mp3 shop.

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