Sunday, January 08, 2006


Another reason that I feel alienated for most that passes for rock music today. I listened to these bands when I was growing up. Nothing lately kicks me in the stomach like this:

Refused- The Shape of Punk To Come
(Itunes album purchase link)

Refused- New Noise
More about the band here.

Helmet- Betty
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Helmet- Milktoast

However, Vitalic does. If you live in NYC Come see him perform at Don Hill's on Friday. Here's my little writeup to run in Tuesday's
Dont sleep on this!

The DFA certainly spring to mind when discussing dance/rock crossover appeal, but in 2005, Vitalic certainly made a bold case for genre diplomacy. His debut, the now-classic Poney EP, including "La Rock," found early favor from the likes of Andrew Weatherall and later, 2 Many DJs, who caned it in their sets and recorded mixes. Support from the latter started piquing the rock kids' interest, as well as the fact that Vitalic's synthesizers swagger like a rock band's guitars. Witness this stomping, anthemic electro tonight, as he performs tracks from OK Cowboy live. (CJN)

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Doneit1 said...

duh, dude. The new rock is not hardcore, its pop or indie. At least you get Vitalic.