Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My whirlwind trip to Berlin was a blast. Got in, met up with Todd (aka. Konrad Black) at St. Oberlitz and proceeded to down espressos and go buy records, as the airline lost his flight case. Checked out his set at Watergate (pictured) and then headed to the spectacle that is Panorama Bar at about 6 am. It's an old, disused power station in the middle of nowhere in East Berlin, converted into a few levels of techno mayhem. One room was militant and banging, the other much more minimal and off-kilter. Amazingly good. I wasn't in it for the long haul, and ended up leaving at about 10 or so, but the party went on until about 3 or so pm that day. After that, I wondered around Berlin on an extremely quiet Sunday, had a meal with a friend, and headed to the airport first thing on Monday morning, back to Newark airport. Showered, and hopped on a flight to Buenos Aires via Houston to hang out with my good friend Gavin. 24 hours in the air total (ouch), but well worth it.

He's loaning me a digital camera, so I'll be able to take some snaps while we're out and about. Stay tuned.

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