Friday, March 24, 2006

Really, really into this Jena Paradies mix that we hosted on Earplug back in June 2005. Opens with a lovely Pantha du Prince track, St. Denis bei Licht. One of my favs. More mixes on his page, here. Speaking of which, you should check Sr. Prince's live set at APT on Tuesday the 28th. I get back that morning, and will certainly be there.

Other things briefly, go listen to some tracks and add Speck Mountain to your Myspace. Its a band I had the pleasure of playing in for a short time, and now my good friend Karl Briedrick is making a big push with more recordings and some potential remixes from amazing musicians on the horizon.

My new column in XLR8R hits the newstands this week. Also watch out for a feature on Coldcut in the new Re:up magazine, a Mike Shannon review in this week's Flavorpill, and a Duplex review in the last issue of Earplug.

A new radio show on East Village Radio is forthcoming. Stay tuned for news on that. That's more than enough self-promotion for now, but I do because I care.

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Fernando Morillo said...

a colin show would definetly be worth my while!