Saturday, April 01, 2006


In Montreal at the moment. Stay tuned for a long-overdue post about good spots/cafes/hotels ive noted in my travels recently.

Here's one of my favorite Squarepusher tracks:

Squarepusher- Port Rhombus

In other news, last Tuesday's Pantha du Prince live set was great. APT have really stepped up their soundsystem, and the last few nights I've been to have been really enjoyable. For those of you in New York this evening, be sure to check out the Get Physical Night with MANDY, DJ T, and my homeboy James Friedman.

Some free MP3's from a live Four Tet performance in Melbourne are here.

Also, do check my new XLR8R column, Warm Speakers, as it just hit the newsstands recently. Extra points for those who can spot the reference in the column name!

Pantha Du Prince- Circle Glider

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rachel b. doyle said...

nice one, cupcake. i love yr xlr8r column. especially the picture. lynnel and i are putting it in lockets to wear around the fpill office. mark my words (and link to me already!)