Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Finally, Nate Cunningham has a blogga! He will bring you music that is, "the warmth of the sun, infinite space, liquid phase, swampy tremolo, underwater echo, old circuits exposed, melted tape, disintegrated calm."

Random tangent but such a vivid description brings to mind this little genius piece of writing from Jess Harvell on BoC's Geogaddi:

For all their production nous (BoC records just leap outta the speakers at you, even at low volume) there was something kind of HAIRY about Geogaddi. Like if you picked up one of their samplers and shook it a bunch of dirt and leaves and twigs would spill out. Like it had been pickled in a mason jar in a basement for a decade. Like it was made by cyborg homesteaders who were "just trying to make do with what we have." It fit the whole Drudic/Branch Davidian vibe they were working. Like Krautrock, it blurred twee/creepy/kozmik until a line like "1969/in the sunshine" sounded like the bummest trip ever. But it was also seductive, pleasurable.
Anyhow, check it often, cos' this kid knows his stuff.

Meanwhile, Karl Briedrick holds it down with, "klonopin waves, dusty jams, and chlorine feels" on his blog, Burnt brown sounds.

And one more worthy of mention. Midnight Mike is posting a lot of rarities from his crates over at 12 AM Maternal.Its safe to say that this is music you won't be finding elsewhere in the blogosphere.

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