Saturday, May 06, 2006


-An interesting Joan Didion interview from 1971, here.

-Very keen to check out the Thursday night party in Toronto that the Daughters of Invention put on. If its half as good as the music they are posting regularly then waaa!

-The TAPE boys killing it per usual.

-Sherburne on Ellen Allien and Apparat's Orchestra of Bubbles over at Pitchfork.

-Jimmy with a lovely piece of writing to sum up his winter as a ski instructor in St. Moritz (affectionately known as the Glitz). Can I ditch NYC's winter next year and do this instead?

-Geeta on audiophiles and a frightening new Japanese trend.

-Catch rightfully giving props to the new Prince Language/ DJ Lindsey track (listen here.)

-Go add DJ Oro's new profile on Myspace, and download that nice little edit he did of Gnarls.

-As for me, just finished a draft of a piece on Dabrye, forthcoming in RE:UP magazine. I'm in San Francisco at the moment, going to check out Pier Bucci tonight. Its nice to be in California, even if I've had my nose in a laptop for a bit longer than I would have liked. Back to NYC on the red-eye tomorrow night. For those in town, come check Roy Dank DJing with some other peeps at Bembe in the BK. Nice space, should be chill, and Mr. Dank has promised some nice slow burners...

Finally, a lovely Magnetic Fields cover for those who haven't heard it:

!!!- Take Ecstacy With Me

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jaime said...

hi colin! our party is tiny, but yes, fun. lemme know if you ever come out here ...