Saturday, July 08, 2006

I've got some downtime after having just missed an early AM flight, so a few things for you:

I don't know much about this mix other than a. its quite good and b. it was handed out at the Kompakt beach party in Barcelona during Sonar. I'm assuming it has something to do with Mayer and Lazarus' London and Ibiza-based Stink nights. If anyone has additional info, please pass along and I will update accordingly. Cheers to Jimmy Jung for sending this.

Michael Mayer/ Damian Lazarus mix.

Other stuff:

-The new issue of the Pop Manifesto is up and running. Check out my brief interview with Vitalic if you get a second. There's also a cool interview with my pal Gordon Hull of Surface 2 Air.

-Richard Carnage of Tape fame with his "Don't Techno for an answer" mix available for your consumption here. Tracklist here.

-One Louder with a good post on the KLF.

-Nick Parish with some good Sonar photos and recaps.

And a few reposts for good measure:

Love is All- Make out fall out make up
Broker/Dealer- Stormy
Unkle- In a state (DFA mix)


Chente said...

Thanks a lot for the Michael Mayer/Damian Lazarus mix, I'm definately going to check that one out! You don't have a tracklist of it?

Mary Ann said...

mayer/lazzarus mix infohere, about half way down.

Chente said...

Thanks, I'll check it out!