Thursday, August 31, 2006

This just in: Pitchfork is dead to me.

Now, anyone that reads this site on a regular basis knows I seldom editorialize, instead simply showing my support/endorsement with the tracks I choose to post. Every now again I do feel the need to vent about something. In this case, it is my hatred for Pitchfork Media.

One prominent reason is the 1/2 star Uffie review linked above. The piece is not only one of mammiest things I've read in some time, but its clearly the scribblings of a self-loathing hipster-- the kind that lusts for the vacant-eyed, terryclothed rompered nymphs on Cobrasnake he publicly decries-- and absolutely hates himself for it.

Also, this was published by the same website that brought you a recent review claiming Rex the Dog to be a "minimal" producer (among other transgressions). No big surprise, then, that this review claims Uffie's beau, Feadz, to be a "French House" producer, a la Cassius. Have a look at Feadz' discogs listing here and check for yourself. Lots of BPitch, Trax, Ed Banger, etc. If anything he's a hip hop DJ that's branched out. A little due dilligence goes a long way, Mr. Pytlik.

Now, I'm not defending Uffie's 12' as some sort of epic, groundbreaking vision, but it is indeed a fun, saccharin sweet tune thats gotten a good amount of plays for its cheeky take on hip-pop. With the exception of "The Month In..." series, written by people that actually live and breathe their subject matter, Pitchfork is dead to me.

Uffie- Pop the Glock

(I originally posted this back in January but I'm re-posting so everyone can make up their own minds)


Michael F Gill said...

Your Stylus badge is in the mail ;)

Nick Rave said...

a-MEN to that. No doubt written by a WBA (whitest boy alive)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Uffie's supposed to be a joke; if so, well I guess I'll laugh. But if that chick is serious...then she is just about the most annoying "artist" / "rapper" (whatever the hell you guys want to call her!) I have ever heard in my entire life. If I wanted to bawl and gag on the dance floor or commit suicide, I would consider bustin' out the Uffie jams. I think that pitchfork review hit the nail right on its saccharine, babbling head.