Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why Lamont's victory spells Democratic disaster. (Slate)

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Dave Hughes said...

Um, Colin?

In order to take this column seriously, one must:

1. Accept a blase and completely unsubstantiated analogy between Vietnam era hippie protesters and "enraged bloggers."
2. Accept that it is somehow appropriate, nay, noble, for a defeated incumbent to endanger his own party's control of his Senate seat by running as an independent.
3. Overlook the strange gaffe-like revelation of privilige and just plain wrong assertion: "The primary was held in August, when many voters are away on vacation."
4. Believe that Iraq - which, as has been established over and over and over again, was not in league with Al Qaeda, and which was functioning nicely as a secular dictatorship that it turns out really wasn't much of a threat to America - even related, before we invaded to the "larger conflict with totalitarianism that America had no choice but to pursue."
5. That supporting a disastrous war with no end that ties up American resources and is a public relations nightmare is somehow being "strong" on national security.