Monday, September 25, 2006

A recent review I wrote for Stylus magazine:

My My
Butterflies and Zebras
Aus / AUS0602
September 2006

After their debut release, "Klatta," on Playhouse, Panoramabar resident Nick Höppner teams up again with Watergate DJ Carsten Kleeman and Lee Jones as My My. The result is a truly blissful piece of ambient house with sustained, ethereal tones floating and modulating over a buoyant bass groove. Recorded on the fly, the trio also brings in just the right dose of percussion nestled in the back of the mix to engage and keep you from floating away. For the remix, John Dahlback toughens things up, leaving only skeletal elements from the original and adding dark synth stabs, an angular kick and razor sharp snares for a floor-oriented counterpoint to the original’s spacey haze. Not to be overlooked is the third track on the 12", “Moneybowl,” a liquid, minimal cut that could easily be a standalone release.

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