Monday, November 06, 2006

Here's a quick list of things I've really enjoyed this year. Would love to hear your recommendations as to things I need to check. Leave a comment!

Alex Smoke- Paradolia
Brightblack Morning Light- S/T
Delta 5- Singles and Sessions 1979-1981
Duplex- Late Night Driving
Ellen Allien & Apparat- Orchestra of Bubbles
The Black Keys- Magic Potion
The Blow- Paper Television
Bonobo- Days to Come
Booka Shade- Movements
Burial- S/T
Cassy- Panoramabar 01
Cat Power- The Greatest
Crowdpleaser and St. Plomb- 2006
Dabrye- Two/Three
Dwayne Sodahberk- Cut Open
Ezekiel Honig- Scattered Practices
Georgia Anne Muldrow- Olesi: Fragments of an Earth
Girl Talk- Night Ripper
Heiko Voss- Two Sides
Jan Jelinek- Kosmicher Pitch
Junior Boys- So this is Goodbye
The Knife- Silent Shout
Love is All- Nine Times that Same Song
Luciano- Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi Volume 2
Michael Mayer- Immer 2
Modeselektor- Hello Mom!
My My- Songs for the Gentle
Peter Bjorn and John- Writer's Block
Rhythmm and Sound- See Mi Yah Remixes
Richie Hawtin- DE9 Transitions
SCSI-9- The Line of Nine
Skatebard- Midnight Magic
Who Made Who- S/T


Anonymous said...

Your list is very similar to mine. You should check out Various Production and Joanna Newsom's newie Ys.

Karl said...

Did you ever check out Reuber "Kintopp". I think I was supposed to send one out to you or something...if you haven't heard it...its the most amazing electronic record I've heard in years.

Brock said...

Solid list - quite a few that might make my top 10 amongst that batch as well! Couple others I've recently run across that are contenders - Boxcutter's "Oneiric" on Planet Mu (one of the only dubstep records I've really been into, save the Burial album you listed) and Remote_'s "Changes in Style" (deep, heady techno in a Basic Channel/Swayzak/Black Dog mold) - you might also enjoy...

runman said...

I see Burial made it onto your list, have you heard this...
"Burial - Breezeblock Radio 1 - 04 Apr 2006"
Great mix, and I just happen to have a link :)

pass = cmg

28.3mb @ 192kbps


Kitty said...

Matthew Dear as Audion "Mouth to Mouth" though the B-side "Hot Air" is better in my opinion. He is coming to Cielo end of November.

cjn said...

*need to dl the various production record- i like the single's ive heard esp hater

*downloaded from itunes the reuber record but managed to lose it when my laptop got nicked. will grab right now...

*heard of boxcutter- will check!

*thank you so much for the burial mix!

*agree re: b-side- that track gets completely overshadowed by mouth to mouth but is still outstanding.

Richard Carnage said...

Lovely list Colin, but the Who Made Who was 2005, I'm afraid! Other stuff off the top of my head would be The Emperor Machine's EP compilation, the Camera Obscura album, the Skream LP, Mobilee's Back2Back compilation, Solenoid's 'Supernature', Danielle Baldelli's 'Cosmic Sound', the Rekid LP and the Bass Clef LP on Eats Tapes.

The Trentemoller LP was also fairly likeable, and they released Lewis & Rinder's 'Seven Deadly Sins' this year as well. I'm sure there's loads of other stuff but that was just off the top of my head. That zip's coming soon, my man!

Tony said...

the emperor machine remix of Diamonds In The Sky by Husky Rescue is certainly one of my favourite tracks from this year, as is the freeform reform of Alice Smith's Love Endeavour

I got the The Blow's new album on a whim and its amazing, didn't know anything about them previously


tonyp (sluttyfringe)