Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jimmy Jung with a great piece on Michael Mayer's Immer 2 mix in this week's Time Out NY.

An excerpt:
Hypnotically balanced with dance-floor bangers and cascading comedowns, haunting soundscapes and strained funk, Immer 2 continues in this same tradition. After building up to the boiling point, the mix bursts with the one-two punch of neu-disco boys Justus K√∂hncke and Lindstrom. But rather than keep energy levels redlined, Mayer then segues into the album’s subdued second half, downshifting into the pillowy melodies of the Rice Twins’ “For Dan.” It’s an unorthodox yet utterly seductive move, one that Mayer credits to his experience as a DJ. “The most interesting moments in a club night, the most emotional moments, are the breaks, when there is a shift in the atmosphere,” he explains. “After two hours of peak time, you’ll play a melancholic record and people become much more introverted. It’s within these moments that people suddenly take off their party masks and things get more real.”

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