Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Greetings from Atlanta. A quick update of two things I've really been enjoying lately:

Ricardo Villalobos- Fitzheuer Zieheuer

Since I hear our friend Ricardo doesn't like his music to be sold in MP3 format, I bought the limited edition Playhouse CD with both the title song, and Fizbeast, a more stripped-down drum track. Judging by the fact that one friend said he got vertigo from listening to it, and another said it completely screwed with his sense of time, thats all the reason to go pick one up. I won't delve into the sound here, aside to mention its probably the deepest thing he's done, and contains Gypsy brass. Yeah.

Blitzen Trapper

According to Daniel Gill at of my favorite publicity shops, Forcefield PR, this is one of the better unsigned bands in America. I'd have to agree. Go listen and download via their Myspace page.

Also well worthy of mention is the forthcoming Pantha Du Prince LP on Dial. More on that later...

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