Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Virgin America has launched a viral campaign to make the case that they should be able to fly US routes. Check a walk-through of the incredibly impressive planes here.

At present, the US DOT has rejected their proposal due to "concerns" about the ownership structure. Due to antiquated laws, it must not have over a certain percentage of foreign ownership. I think one of the real reasons may be rooted more in the lobbying of existing US carriers who are fearing having their lunch eaten in a lucrative market.

If this plays out, and Virgin America cannot fly, I fear the real loser may be the US flying public. As domestic air travel continues to spiral down in a race to the bottom (despite improving numbers for many airlines like American), what Virgin seems to be bringing to the table would be a breath of fresh air to routes that badly need it: NY to SF, and NY to LA.

Here's the link to the petition on their website.

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