Monday, February 12, 2007

The essential second installment from My Cousin Roy's Wurst Edits series:

Runaway- Ain't Afraid to Beg

According to the one-sheet:

"Runaway is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based duo comprised of techno auteur Marcos Cabral (he of Trapez fame) and disco gadabout Jacques Renault (Editions Disco). Marcos didn’t want us to mention that when he was a teenager in the late 80s, he used to perform as a mime in downtown Manhattan so that he could save up enough money to buy turntables and a mixer. Jacques was a bit embarrassed to let out that he was conceived in the back of a limousine while his father was on a “diplomatic” mission in Monaco in the 70s. (He’s now the French ambassador to Zimbabwe and has no relation to the Renault automobile company.) Quite remarkably, this is their debut single."


Anonymous said...

Link is dead!

S.Subito said...

hi there - check the latest tune on - you might like it...