Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My review of Tracey Thorn's new album, Out of the Woods, in this week's Flavorpill:

Following a 15-year stint in UK duo Everything But the Girl, Tracey Thorn makes her long-overdue re-emergence with Out of the Woods. Enlisting noted DJ/remixer Ewan Pearson, Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area fame, and a cast of other notable producers, Thorn surveys early New York dance pop, pre-house, and post-disco sounds. Appropriately, she turns in an incredible cover of avant-disco composer Arthur Russell's "Get Around to It," sharpening the original's blurry tones with a crisp pop gloss and her warm, distinctive vocals. Thorn shows variety with some slower, gentler pieces that allow her voice to shine, but the album's true strength lies in the dance-oriented side of her songwriting. The lead single, "It's All True," melds throwback drum machines and vivid percussive elements to a buoyant bass line, while "Grand Canyon" is an pop anthem in the making, flirting with that elusive sweet spot between melancholy and consolation.(CJN)

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