Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm really enjoying the new Ellen Allien Fabric 34 Mix. I often find it hard to spend enough time with each installment (they're released on a monthly basis), but I've found myself reaching for this one several times in a row.

In her words:
“I wanted to do an analog mix, by hand. I used my favorite records of last year and the newest ones. I like analog!" says Ellen. "And I like to hear how one has to manipulate the mix until it’s tight. I like the mix because to me it’s the ideal club mix that I personally would like to hear in a club. It’s also a nice memory for me – I can remember every record being played by myself in a club. And when I now listen to the mix I can recall all the great moments.”

Here's the tracklisting:

1. Schubert - S1
2. Larry Heard Presents Mr. White - The Sun Can’t Compare
3. Estroe - Driven
4. Damian Schwartz - Tu Y Yo (Peros Nos Volvemos A Levantar) (Pilas Remix)
5. Don Williams - Orderly Kaos
6. Melody Boy 2000 - Sound Stealer
7. Artificial Latvamaki - It Is Now Either
8. Cobblestone Jazz - India In Me 2
9. Roman Flugel - Mutter
10. Aste/Maan - Aaltovaihe
11. Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill
12. Ellen Allien - Just A Woman
13. Ben Klock - Journey
14. Heatthrob - Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix)
15. Apparat - Arcadia

In other news, Resident Advisor reports that Ewan Pearson is mixing Fabric 35. Can't wait for that.

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