Sunday, June 03, 2007

A quick dispatch from The Mutek Festival in Montreal. Tonight's main venue lineup was Pantha Du Prince, Jichael Mackson, Matias Aguayo, Gui Boratto and Michael Mayer, if that's any indication of the quality this festival puts on year after year. An earlier highlight was My My playing live at the outdoor picnic at Parc Jean Drapeau right on the river.

There's still lots to take in on Sunday, but the standout act so far was Cobblestone Jazz, who absolutely tore the roof off Friday night. They were also joined by The Mole towards the end of their performance for a few cuts as the Modern Deep Left Quartet. Stay tuned for more information about their forthcoming LP, due out in September on the stellar Wagon Repair imprint. Also in the hopper for the label is the new Circlesquare LP, which I'm incredibly excited about. I've been a huge fan since a friend introduced me to their debut, The Distance After, on the now-defunct Output Recordings in the late nineties. It's an absolutely incredible release and still one of my favorite EP's ever. Also, if you slept on Pre-Earthquake anthems, don't miss it.

Here's a cut from one of the artists featured at Mutek:

Jichael Mackson- Blow

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an indian too said...

how'd the rest of the festival go jetset nagy? any other standouts/ surprises/ observations?